Our Plan is We Have No Plan, It's Brilliant!


Nintendo held a press conference today to announce that they're "working on a game that will be totally awesome but that's all we can say" and that they're "totally going to compete with Sony's hand-held and stuff" again without offering any details. In a surprising turn of events investors weren't very comforted by the fact that Nintendo's plan appeared to be no plan at all.

Ok, that's not entirely true, they ARE going to setup a points system.

That's right kids! By then end of this year you can collect points when you buy Nintendo products! With said points you can get game-related swag from Nintendo's own site, presumably like some kind of game-related Pepsi points system. I know the idea of getting a Donkey Kong plush doll after buying hundreds of dollars worth of Nintendo products is very exciting to consumers and I'm sure Gamecube's will be flying off the shelves this holiday season.

According to VE3D Nintendo also mentioned that they will work with more 3rd party developers without buying them, have Capcom make a new Donkey Kong game and have a new Zelda out by the end of 2004.

So Nintendo's big plan in the face of lagging Gamecube sales is continue to do exactly what they've been doing since the system launched almost two years ago. Nice one.

- Certis 


Stop that, Certis! You're making the little kids cry.

What can they do? The GC will not do much more this generation. I would rather they work on next gen or go 3rd party.

Why would they go 3rd party?  Why does everyone keep acting like Nintendo is dying?  According to everything I've read, they're profits and revenues are both up from last year.  They have repeatedly said as long as they are making a profit, they are happy.

The main thing I can see that Nintendo can improve on is to attract some big games other than their own titles.  What was the last big game that was a GC exclusive other than 1st parties?  This is the only reason Xbox has been halfway successful.  Imagine how many Xboxs exclusives like Halo and KOTOR have sold.

I imagine the "big game" will be Metroid Prime 2? Or maybe that Pac Man game Shigeru was talking about.

In any case, this is just sad. But I'm actually glad that I've held off on buying a GC. I'll probably get one in a year or two, and grab lots of games at a discount, when it's officially "dead". Like with the dreamcast.

The lack of new franchises is also making this GC look worse than the N64. At least the N64 introduced a bunch of new funky stuff like Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark.

Damnit, I was gonna get to make fun of Nintendo this time! You're too quick on the draw for me Certis.

I think this is exactly why Nintendo is failing in this gen and the same reason they failed with the N64. They are moving inward, not outward. They keep trying to keep thier existing customers, the faithful diehards, instead of branching out. They keep appealing to people who like Mario and a handful of Nintendo properties instead of trying to create new properties. Pikmin and Animal Crossing were experiments that never were intended to be big ticket items like Metroid Prime. They stubbornly refuse to accept the outside world, and instead try to get everyone drawn into Nintendoland. They still haven't figured out that Nintendoland just isn't enough anymore.

Why would they go 3rd party? Why does everyone keep acting like Nintendo is dying? According to everything I've read, they're profits and revenues are both up from last year. They have repeatedly said as long as they are making a profit, they are happy.

Nintendo isn't really dying, just the console arm. The Nintendo we know and love (NES,SNES) is dying and giving birth to the Gameboy centric company it is now. It's not even a matter of money really, but of mindshare. The GameCube seems like a non-option for alot of gamers so Nintendo is seen as having a weak console - third rate to Sony and Microsoft. Therefore when people think Nintendo they no longer think "console" but think "GameBoy".

Eh, I still think Mario, but I see what you're saying.  They need to spend more money bringing in good 3rd party games and marketing.

Last time they were mysterious they launched the Virtual Boy.

They're scared...they may not show it..but their scared to death of the PSP.  If its everything its cracked up to be (Organizer, MP3 player, MPEG Player, and gaming machine) it will eat Nintendo for lunch. Nintendo has neither the skill or desire to make a multifunction device.

But Nintendo will always have its hardcore fans... They remind me of Apple in a way.

Gotta catch them all!!!!

The level of technology in the PSP won't really put it in the GBA category, price-wise.

The PSP will also require a larger budget to develop their games. That will help the GBA that it can be developed for on the cheap.

Yes but developing for the PSP will be much more affordable than PS2, GC and Xbox.  So all the floundering companies that tried and failed to make next gen titles will no doubt flock to PSP.

GC does have games like Eternal Darkness and the prior mentioned AC and Pikmin that fly in the face of not having any Banjo Kazooie.

I cant fault them for doing what they are doing since they are making money.  Time will tell if they can keep riding that same horse.

How so? why is it cheaper to develop for the GBA? 

Dev costs should be low as I except a slew of PS1 shovelware to be PSP games.. ala the GBA.

Just to nitpick it's Namco working on the new Donkey Kong, not Capcom.

The PSP is going to cost anywhere from $200-250, I doubt many parents are going to be picking up one for their kids at that price when they are also wanting a home console system.  This in itself will keep the PSP from, using your tired expression, "eating it for breakfast".  The GBA will also be cheaper to develop games for because the PSP will be more of a 3D handheld.  3D = more expensive, you should now this since you are after all the GamingGuru .

Can't do much more this generation?

Can you say "Mario Kart"?

Its coming out this Fall...  Oh joy!



"Letsa go!"