Nintendo Reports Earnings, Gamers Yawn


Yahoo has word that Nintendo posted a 95 million dollar earnings for Q1 of this year thanks to the strong sales of the GBA SP. Rather than ponder the sales of the Gamecube let's take a moment and look at what you can actually play on the system right now since I'm pretty sure there's a strong connection between the two.

So the Gamecube sales aren't spectacular right now but at least there is a flood of new and inventive first party games out right?

- Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

- Wario World

Nope, that's it for the summer so far. Neither of them are bad games by any stetch but nothing to get too excited about. The last game I can remember really wanting for the Gamecube was Zelda: The Wind Waker back in March. Now the only exclusives to look forward to this year are F-Zero, Rogue Squadron III and possibly Mario Kart is it makes it out this Christmas. More sequels and remakes instead of new properties to excite consumers that don't belong to the choir of Mario fans Nintendo has been preaching to since the N64.

What happened to more releases? What happened to exciting new properties? There is a definite problem when you waste a talented developer like Silicon Knights on a Metal Gear Solid remake.

- Certis


Just sold my Gamecube. I beat Zelda, took a look at what was coming out for GC, and there was just nothing. Metroid Prime 2 would be cool, but it probably won't be for a while. Not really interested in Crystal Chronicals. So what else is there? Not enough to convince me to keep the Cube around.

So, goodbye Cube, you've been good to me. But, XBox, I love you. I'll never let you go. Thank you KOTOR.

My view of the Xbox's exclusives isn't any higher than the Gamecube's at the moment. If it wasn't for the fact that 3rd party game ports tend to look better on the Xbox I would hardly touch it.

There's always Viewtiful Joe - sweet sweet Capcom helps ease the pain.

Or PS2 for that matter. I can't think of a console game coming out before the end of the year I care about, though I would be happy to be corrected and be enjoying these good games.

Viewtiful Joe, Soul Calibur 2, F-Zero, MGS: TS, Mario Kart, and Billy Hatcher are the big GC guns this is ok. None of the other platforms (except PC) have much coming out this year.

I'm really looking forward to Silent Hill 3 on the console front. Now, if I could just convince my wife to let me get it. Damn you KOTOR!

Yep, I am eagerly awaiting this, even more than F-Zero or Mario Kart.

yea the GC is basically irrelevent outside of Japan.  Not enough games period.  The cost of the system does not matter.  My GC has been in a box for about 3 months.  Last time thing I played was Zelda and did not even get 1/4 way through it before I went back to Dark Cloud 2.

Soul Calibur 2! That's what I get for opening my big mouth. Other than that though...'re kidding right? Dark Cloud 2 couldn't shine the shoes of Zelda.