August 4th - 10th


Happy Week Ahead day everyone! Everything looks vanilla for the immediate future while next week should be a double dip chocolate swirl affair. Mmmmm... ice cream analogies. Let's see here, we have Hot Shots Golf 2, Silent Hill 3, Ghost Recon Island Thunder and unmentioned in the list but still notable; Chaos Legions for the PS2.

Next week, just you wait for next week.

The Games

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder
Platform: Xbox
Ships: August 5th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: Previously an expansion pack for the PC, Xbox users will finally get a chance to experience the majesty that is paying forty bucks for a stand-alone expansion-like experience. Xbox Live playable!

Silent Hill 3
Platform: PS2
Ships: August 5th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: IGN gave the import a solid review score of 9.2 so any fan of the series should definatly consider picking it up.

Outlaw Golf 2
Platform: PS2
Ships: August 7th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: With online play for up to four people any fan of the original should give this version a good long look.

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- Certis


That is last week's DVD release list. Just FYI. This week Bringing Down the House and a few others are coming out.

This is what happens when I miss a week! Thanks.

I think "Freaky Flyers" is also supposed to be out this week.  I don't have any experience with cart racing games like Mario Kart... but I read that Ben Edlund (Tick creator) would be writing the script.  That's enough for me.