There is No Week Ahead


There is no Week Ahead this week, there is only the trouble and turmoil of securing a mortgage while jumping through the self-employed hoops from hell. We've found a house to buy despite the crazy-insane market in my city and now I've been dealing with the mortgage broker and trying to convince the bank that self-employed doesn't mean "no job" all the time. I'm not bitter of course, just filled with rage.

At least Star Wars hasn't failed me.

I managed to finish up Knights of the Old Republic just before the craziness started. It turned out to be an excellent game from start to finish and even the ending was satisfying. I'll be talking more about it when I have some spare time but I will say that if you like games you should be playing this on your Xbox or the eventual PC version.

In other Star Wars news it looks like Jedi Knight Academy is mere weeks from going gold and should be out in September. I thought it was a November release but the Lucas Arts producer interviewed at IGN says otherwise. First KOTOR and then Academy, what have we done to deserve good Star Wars games? Oh that's right, we kept George Lucas the hell away from them. Now if only we could do the same for the movies..

This just in, Sway has informed me that we just broke the record for most people on the forums at once. You can't imagine how happy we are to see the forums doing so well, they are growing larger every day and everyone seems to be getting along so far. Even in the political section people are doing the forum equivalent of holding hands and singing kumbaya. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

Looks like I'm out of time, stay frosty.

- Certis 


Certis - You've failed me for the last time commander mortgage broker! (snaps neck with force grip.)

I've heard just how insanely hard it is to get anything out of banks if you're self employed. Good Luck man!

I am about to buy my first house.  Hopefully I will find the going a little smoother, good luck with your broker !

Deep surging whitecaps of sympathy are flowing from my heart to you, man. We bought our first house last October, and the experience with the mortgage broker was hellish. Every day for ten days I was called at work and asked "Could you just get this incredibly esoteric documentation and fax it to me?" And so, on my lunch break, I would bike a few miles to the bank, or home, or make illegal long-distance calls to people who only vaguely recalled my existence. When it was all finally over and we were in residence I turned to Frigga and said, "We are never buying another house. This is where we will die."

Note: George Lucas had no hand in this post.

So knowing now what you may not have known then, Certis...having both an Xbox and a very good PC by today's (as in at this hour...could change in another, though, knowing tech today) standards...should I go ahead and buy KOTOR for the Xbox, or wait for the PC?  What's your gut feeling on it?

My gut feeling is this. If you don't mind jaggies get the Xbox version, I don't think the PC will have enough benefit to be worth waiting for content-wise.

If you're a graphics whore, wait for the PC version.

You have my sympathy, we just closed our escrow and take possession in a couple days, but I swear the process has left me a bitter angry, paranoid old man in his early 30's (in other words a typical gamer), and we didn't have the self employed hurdle. I know that getting a letter from a CPA stating the last sever years of earing's worked wonders for my mother (she is a business owner but that really comes back to mean self employed too as far as the banks can see). Also a word of advice on the mortgage front, push them to get your rate papers (not the promise of your what your rate my be sprinkled with pixie dust) but the actual papers from the mortgage company as soon as possible. Do not under any circumstances release your rate contingency before getting those papers, assume they are out to screw you and that everyone in the process will get more money if your rate is higher. If you do release the papers will show up the next day and be anywhere from a quarter to a full point higher then whatever you had been promised, guaranteed. The only person through this whole process that I don't feel deliberatly tried to screw us in some way was our agent (who was really with it and seemed to be a very staright shooter).

I am taking notes

Griffon, that thing you said about the rate papers is right on. All through the process we were talking about one rate, one monthly payment that we could handle, and we were assured up and down that this rate was a certainty. When it came time to close, bang, .6% higher. We were assured that this was standard, normal, and unavoidable. I was too exhausted to care. They'd beaten us down to the point where I would have payed a great deal of money for a small zip-lock bag of turpentine. And not even one of those cool "yellow and blue make green" bags.

But, if the yellow and blue don't make green, how do you know it's sealed? Care hold a bag filled with angry bees if it's the "other guy's" bag?

Sorry, I remember commercials like they're my own children but I can't remember my own birthday. Anyway, having closed on our first house a couple weeks ago, I must say that I was prepared for the worst by everyone I know, and I think that helped me stay on guard. Everything's negotiable, especially in this process. That being said, I think we got through it remarkably smoothly. Sure, there was a crisis every hour in the days leading to the closing, but I don't believe that we got rooked by our loan guy or agent. Even more remarkable, our rate ended up being 1/8 of a point LOWER than what he quoted us in the beginning! Astonishing. I guess we got lucky.