Deep down in every man, woman and child is a desire to hoard as many toys as possible. Oh you can deny it and proclaim youself above such things but I challange you to refuse if someone offers you a line-up of Homestar Runner figurines!


Yes, for the low low price of $30 US you too can have the Homestar gang on your desk in their two inch glory! What compels grown men to buy action figures when they were supposed to have gotten over them by the age of thirteen?Buying an Aragorn action figure (horse included!) within the same time frame as buying a house seems like a conflict of interest. On one hand you've got the responsibility of making mortage payments while on the other you can afford to buy all of the stuff you never could when you were twelve. The first real toy I'd gotten in my "adult" life was a 12 inch Gandalf the Grey figure hoochie got me for Christmas. As I snapped the staff into his hand it felt as if something kicked my inner-child in the pants and told him to wake the hell up.

Suddenly I wanted to have more, I wanted a collection. I could buy all of the cool figures I wanted and arrange them in compromising poses with hoochie's dolls. It would be a glorious tribute to the kid I once was and sometimes wish I could still be. Lucky for my pocket book and hoochie's dolls none of the other Lord of the Rings toys had the coolness factor that Gandalf had. Since then I've managed to keep myself down to Aragorn on a horse and my new Homestar Runner figurines.


You have to admit, they are pretty awesome. 

While I've managed to avoid the deep end of toy collecting I know some of you have gone way over the edge of sanity. Like this guy here, why would you buy toys and leave them in the package? That's just wrong!

Now if you'll excuse me it's time for Strong Bad to get with some of the 12 inch ladies.

- Certis


OMG that's totally awesome!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!

I agree about the toys in package thing.  I guess if you're buying them as a business and plan to sell them later for a profit, but if you're buying for fun, how can you not open them?  That's like buying baseball cards and not opening the pack.

Must be nice that you can buy those toys without your wife/girlfriend thinking you are a total loser. If you want to remain celebate the rest of your life over here just have those in your house when a girl comes over and usually they run screaming from your house.

Well, considering that I am the giant geek who started the whole toy collecting thing in this household, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to judge him on it. 

There's plenty of other things I can judge him on.



Hmmm, blame all my bad habits on my exes...yeah, that's the ticket.

Good grief maybe I've been dating the wrong women. Hoochie do you have a sister?

You know, I bought an Ein plushie from Cartoon Network's shop on impulse. It's cool as hell, but I just realized I now have to explain why there's a stuffed dog on top of my computer.

"Uhh, it's a present from my sister, yeah thats it, just before she died of, umm..., cancer. I need to be held."