Firefly Film Still In The Works


A lot of people tell me, on a variety of issues, that I should just 'get over it' (aside wink to certain forum goers).  It's probably good advice that I ignore as if it had been told to me by a telephone solicitor.  So, when your first inclination at my mention of long dead television martyr Firefly is to suggest that I get over it, I happily retort that you should feel free to stick your head in a bucket, preferably one filled with something repulsive and sticky.

For those of you remaining unsoiled, I'm happy to report that Joss Whedon is hard at work making deals and writing a script to bring Firefly to the big screen.  And, surprisingly, it seems that such a deal is not "a crazed pipe dream."  Read on from the scoop from Sci-Fi Wire.

From the word of Whedon as relayed through ...

Whedon said that any deal for a Firefly movie would be contingent on getting the original cast back as the crew of the space transport ship Serenity. "Well, I can't just keep putting them on [The WB's] Angel," he joked. "So I have to make a Firefly movie so I can hang out with them more. Yes, the deal is contingent upon the cast." Firefly starred Nathan Fillion as Capt. Mal Reynolds. Whedon added, "I couldn't go so far as to jinx [the deal] and say it's in the bag. It's not. I still have to write it really well [groans]. But there's no pressure."

When it comes to this show, I'm a hopeless romantic (or as it's known in the modern vernacular - a fanboi).  The news that Joss is simply not willing to go quietly into that good night, is encouraging on a variety of levels.  I'm not merely enthusiastic at the thought that Firefly might return, which is really secondary to the promise of a well written story, but that one of television's up and coming talents is not just passionate about his fame, or his bank account, but that he believes in the value of quality work.  So often in an industry of focus groups and Nielsen polls, writers and producers will just work on what is bankable (See Reality TV ... or actually don't) instead of a story that motivates them, and thus the audience. 

I don't just champion Firefly because I thought it was terrific show, but also because it, its stars, and its creator forcibly bucked the trend for a work they believed in.  I know television is a business, and ultimately creativity is entirely slaved to the market and advertising.  I'm not totally naive, but it can be argued that a quality product given time will be well received.  Ok, maybe I am totally naive, as quality show after quality show falls to Joe Bahcelor Married a Millionaire Idol. 

Anyway, it also looks like the Firefly DVD collection is going to be chock full o' goodness.

In the meantime, Whedon said that the upcoming DVD of Firefly will include three unaired episodes, plus "the gag reel, interviews with everybody, commentaries on most of the episodes by cast members and writers and directors and me. ... It's a huge package. It's b-lls-out deluxe, which I'm really proud of."

Good stuff.

- Elysium


Oh Firefly I pine for you!

I would love to see this movie! I can't wait for the DVD set, oh yeah,


If they made a movie, I wonder if it would push the boundary a bit further or if they would play it safe and shoot for a PG-13 rating. 

Considering they made a helluva show under television restrictions I don't think it would be a serious issue either way.  That said, Firefly always felt very gritty, and just begging to let loose a bit.  An 'R' rated Firefly would be quite tasty, I think.

- Elysium

I keep telling myself Im going to move to California, become a busboy, and then wait on the table of the guy who cancelled Firefly. Then punch him, and probably piss on his face, hopefully in front of his wife, who I will have sex with afterwards. Good times, good times.

I must be crazy. I never got Buffy and I never got Firefly. Just don't see the atraction. I would kill dozens of Firefly fans for a Farscape movie though.

You guys realize this is years, probable many, at best from being any kind of reality if it ever makes it into production... right?

Stop biting my leg, I'm a fan too


Firefly was really great show.  It sucks that these things are no longer given a chance to build an audience.  How many billions would Fox of lost if it had cancelled X-Files are 8 episodes?

I can wait a few years for a movie if that is what it takes to get a quality product.

Now my question is does anybody know if the title song is available on MP3?  I love that song. 


Just look at Family Guy. Fox dicked around with it and never gave it a chance, and lo and behold Cartoon Network picks it up, and treats it decently. Suddenly thier ratings beat Leno and Letterman at that timeslot every night of the week. Fox couldn't run a show properly if it had a manual.

I was so mad when Family Guy was droped by Fox, at least I can now watch it on DVD anytime. If this is true it would be cool as hell. I liked Firefly alot, was disapointed when it got axed.