You Should Be Playing: Burnout 2


Burnout 2 a fast-paced, fun and easy to play racer where the more risks you take the faster you can go. Doing things like driving against traffic, power sliding turns, nearly smashing into cars and taking jumps all go towards filling your turbo meter. Once it fill up you can hit it and really take the lead (or catch up) in the race. My brother was visiting and we had a hell of a time playing crash mode over and over again. The idea behind crash mode is simply driving into a heavily populated car area and smashing into them causing huge pile-ups. The costlier the damage you can cause the closer you get to a gold medal. We just had a blast trying to one-up each other and see who could get the highest score. Burnout 2 is out for the PS2, Xbox and GC so give it a rent for sure and consider a buy if you like arcade racers.


I try to play a good spread of games but I can't review them all unfortunately. Occasionally I'll post a heads-up like this one if I think something is worth checking out.


Agreed, this is my favorite racing game next to Gran Turismo series. The Crash Mode is excellent and is a game in itsself and the standard Arcade Mode is also done very well. Great party game.

Damn right! This is the best racer released this year.
It's the only one I've ever finished 100%. The design is simply brilliant.