Knights of the Old NCAA


This week there are two very important titles being released. First we have Knights of the Old Republic which is Bioware's first console RPG. Check inside for links to gameplay footage and more! The other major release is EA's NCAA Football 2004 which has proven to be a very popular series for college football fans.

I hope everyone has a good week! I'll be kicking off my hunt for a house to move into this September and working on some questions for a special feature some of you already know and love. For now you can check out the new releases and be sure to tickle those google ads, we're very close to getting Elysium a pair of pants now.

The Big Games

NCAA Football 2004
Platform: Gamecube, Xbox, PS2
Ships: July 14th
Price $49.99

The Buzz: The previews make it out to be a minor evolution of the already stellar series. Included with this new version will be the ability to make your own stadium and a special " recruiting pitch" system which allows you to choose the best way to recruit new talent.

Knights of the Old Republic
Platform: Xbox
Ships: July 16th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: This one could be HUGE. GMR magazine gave it a 10/10, Unlimited Lives also chimes in with a perfect score and Game Informer has scored it 9.5/10. Obviously none of the people doing these reviews have played the game start to finish so a big grain of salt should be taken. Personally, I wouldn't count any of them high on my list of trusted sources. 

If sketchy reviews aren't enough for you there is a 20 minute video of in-game footage here (90 megs) or you can download four minutes of high-res material from Fileplanet if you're a subscriber.

Check out the full list of game releases here!

DVD Releases

I'll have them up soon!

- Certis


I thought this would be about Texas Tech. basketball coach Bobby Knight.

Can't wait till Tuesday for KOTR. First game I have actually bought since Dark Cloud 2 this year.

I'm so damn excited to get my hands on Knights of the Old Republic. From everything I've seen & heard it's sounds to be one of the most promissing Star Wars games to date.

Bioware, D20, Star Wars all on my Xbox... I truely hope it doesn't "miss".

we're very close to getting Elysium a pair of pants now

That's why he spends his time making virtual pants! He feels inadequate because of his lack of real pants, so he makes up for it by creating virtual pants for others. It's okay Elysium, we feel your pain. Not in any literal sense, but we feel it, sorta. Maybe we feel your mild discomfort.

Does NCAA Football 2004 (or at least earlier incarnations of it) use real player names or does it just use teams?  If it does use names, is it based on the previous year's roster or the expected upcoming year?

NCAA rules do not permit the use of players' actual names in these games, though the jersey numbers and stats of a given position usually correspond to the actual roster.

- Elysium

If you have a PS2 and a SharkPort you can import the player names as soon as someone makes an unofficial roster update for it which usually takes 1-2 weeks after the games release. Check for it on

IGN has their review up at for whatever its worth. Seems like people could go either way with IGNs reviews.