I Bent My Wookie


I don't really have much to introduce this comic with. Star Wars superfans have been waiting a long time to have a place to fulfill their deepest Star Wars desires. I know this because I witnessed a Live Action Role Playing Star Wars event at a Sci Fi convention I attended this year. The Star Wars universe is very real to some people and they will be thankful for whatever Star Wars Galaxies has to offer. For these people, I imagine it is much easier to overlook bugs or crashes or imbalances that would grate on your average gamer. This is why I find it hard to believe that no amount of bad reviews could spell doom for this game. For many it will be their new home.

IL Comic


Hahaha, pants! 

It's funny because it's sad!

Perfection in comic form Sway, perfection.

I'm plotting an unseemly demise for you all. 

- Elysium

You know, if Sony bought full page ads everywhere and this was all they showed, it would still be the best selling MMORPG of all time.

I know of at least one customer ....

Wouldn't pants chafe his fur?

My wookie runs around in pants all the time and doesn't seem to mind...

Over a week ago I submitted the following ticket:

Ticket ID 244252

Last night I split 2K steel off of a stack of 12K steel to give to a guildmate.  This morning before the servers tarted their non stop crashing, I visited my steel harvestors to collect resources and brought my steel total up to over 16K.  Now when I am finally able to get back online, I am missing that stack of steel in my inventory, it is well over 3 days worth of collections.  Three is also the possibility that my copper supplies have disapeared, but since I didn't use them like the steel above, I can't remember exaclty how many stacks and what amounts  I had prior to the server crashed.


That was the ticket submitted on the day that the Starsider was down almost all day last week.  I never received any messages from CSRs over this past week and assumed that I could just write the loss off and add just one more item to my expanding list of bad experiences in SWG.

So today I'm in a great mood because my character has just trained and recieved Master Architect.  Our PA can finally make our guild hall.  All last night I am doing collection of resources and trades with other artisans outside the guild to get what is needed to assemble the PA hall.  I have made a 11 count crate of Power Conditioners, 11 count crate of Energy Distributor, and a 7 count crate of Generator Turbines (didn't have enough resources to make an 11 count).  My plan is to assemble a 6 count crate of Power Core units, 2 for our PA hall and 4 more on hand for the two other PA customers that have been in contact with me.

I load the structure factory up with the factory identical items, one at a time since factories still won't pull items from crates correctly.  I put in the resources needed, and here is where I could have saved myself at least part of the pain that is to come.  I didn't split out exactly what the recipe requires, I just toss the whole stack in the ingredient hopper, 10K of carbonate ore, 10K of steel, and 4K of copper.  I start the factory up and get ready to /sample while it is working.

Two minutes pass and I get the "connection to SWG has been lost" message.  When I log back in, it gives me a patch update, I figure they have once again, without warning, shut the server down for a hotfix.  I'm back in the game in front of my factory, I check it to find that it isn't in the middle of a schematic run.  It has no schematic loaded, the input AND the output hoppers are empty.  Over 30,000 units of resources, about 4 hours of gametime work on subcomponents has been WIPED OUT!!!

CSRs in the launchpad chat rooms are being swarmmed by angry customers because the patch has them unable to connect to the game.  /tell messages to 4 different CSRs pleading for in game help have been completely ignored.

I send in a ticket via the holocron with the details of yet another disapearance of my much needed resources.  This is when I notice that the date on my week old first ticket has changed and a CSR has appended the following to it:

Comment ID 424099

From CS Agent

Hello Eason, this is CSRChristopherS.

Unfortunatly this is a KNOWN ISSUE.  We are not giving reimbursments for these losses at this time, however I will keep your information on file incase there is a reversed decision.  The development team is working on the problem.  If you have any aditional questions please reply to this message, otherwise please mark this ticket as close.  Thank you.

OMG.  Very nice of you to notice that your game has just kicked me in the jimmy, but then you come over to my prone body and have to urinate on me as well?

I don't even know what to say now, and even if I did know what to say, what would the point be?  It is obvious they don't intend to do anything to fix or reimburse the problems I have just encountered.

Eason - Architect for Hooded Nomads

Starsider, Tatooine

*sigh* Yes, well this is a SONY run game. You played EQ in the early days right? This total and utter lack of customer service, abuse and wast of a customers time, and arrogance surprises you because..? This is so utterly and absolutely typical I can't even get worked up on your behalf.

The really sad and distressing thing to me is that other MMP's will watch this, see that they too can get away with this type of sloppy irresponsible CS relations and will emulate it because it's cheaper for them.