Good Luck Reaper!


IÂ'd like to take a moment to wish our good friend and GWJ reader Reaper luck as he is shipping out to Bosnia for the next nine months as part of the US military. HeÂ'll be there with a laptop, some single player games and no internet connection. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers everyone.


Be safe and Godspeed buddy.


Remember, I expect email updates about how much you hate it there and its all my fault, therefore you are plotting your revenge every night while you cradle your gun and try to sleep.

Good luck!

No internet?  War is hell indeed.

Best of luck, big daddy.

Good Luck!

Good luck Reaper!

Try not to get caught in some Serbo-Croatian crossfire Reaper! Thumbs up!

Um... Don't die? Good luck man

Hey Reaper, good luck buddy!

Good luck man!

Reaper, Good Luck!

*seriously though, have a good trip man, dont eat your squadmates when you run out of bacon*

Not sure why everyone is wishing you luck, Reaper. If I were to trust anyone to be able to adequately handle the situation, it would be you. Judging by your Raven Shield and Diablo posts, your attention to detail surpasses anyone. I may try and fill in on Thursdays for you. You just point and click, right?

Thanks for the well wishing, guys. It means a lot to me. I will actually have access (not personal access but more of a cyber cafe thing) to the 'net but it will mainly be for emailing. I'm not entirely sure if they allow url's.

Sway, yeah Raven Shield is easy especially the way I play. Basically my strategy is to let Certis go first, get shot by a terrorist, give Certis the warning just a second too late, try to kill the terrorist, die, and then begin talking about guns. I really can't think of anything else that I do other than that.

Don't worry, Pyro, I'll be thinking of you often. DUM DUM DUM!

Good luck man!

Here here!  Take care of yourself over there, Reaper.  And learn stuff about weaponry to teach us when you get back.  We'll be making it up ourselves until you get back!

- Elysium

Arivaderce (or however you spell it) Reaper.

Come back to us in one piece man!

Thank you for your service. You and all the other peace keepers like you, are living testiment to the goodness of our country. Stand proud and know you are appreciated. God speed.