Design Changes on GWJ


Due to my irrational fear of change Pyro had to tie me to a chair before he went crazy go nuts on the site. In an effort to kill the right-hand menus and eliminate the dead space at the top he's placed the main menu items there and shrunk poor Stan. The page should now display better on 800 X 600 and appear a bit less "empty" in spots.

We may still change a few things yet but the worst is now behind us. Soon we can all get attached to this design and suffer when Pyro gets that mad gleam in his eye yet again.


I only came here for the Stan.

My god.... he's... growing!

Do you guys find a lot of people still use 800 x 600?

You'd be surprised.

 I am... at least!

The good old days of 800x600.

Haven't used 800x600 in years. I think it's painful to look at. It's horribly chunky and claustrophobic.

Right now I'm at 1152x864 because that's the best my monitor will do with reasonable crispness. As soon as I get a monitor that will do 1600x1200 legibly, I'll be there.

The only way I can handle that high a resolution is under Linux, the icons are way too small in Windows. I could probably handle it in Mac OSX too, with all its SVG goodness.

I don't know what kinda size monitor you'd need to display 1600 resolution.

But I'm at work most of the day, and I have to use 800x600, so... Thanks a bunch guys! This is really appreciated Totally excellent.

800 x 600?

Seriously, if your monitor can handle bigger resolutions, crank it up!  It makes reading web pages a lot easier.

Umm, no, I've never understood that... If I go higher res, the text and icons look much smaller... Plus the refresh frequency is lower, like 70... I do notice I need at least 75.