Pirates of the Caribbean


Hoochie and I managed to catch Pirates of the Caribbean on opening night yesterday and IÂ'm really glad we did. The movie was without a doubt my favorite of the summer so far. Great acting, fun story, fantastic action, swords and pirates – what more could you possibly want? Add the fact that Johnny Depp was simply unbelievable as Captain Jack Sparrow and youÂ've got yourself a winner. The effects were really well done and most importantly they didnÂ't distract from the actors or the movie itself which is the most important part of good CGI for me. If you have even a remote interest in this film go see it.


Anyone else get a chance to check it out? What did you think?


In USA Today yesterday they basically said "finally a great summer movie" and gave it 3 1/2 stars.  I'll probably see it next week.

I was interested but close to the fence on this.  Now I'll definitely try and make arrangements to see it.

Hey Certis, how about a review (or at least a first impressions) of the Pirates game?  I'm on the fence about it because I've heard that the learning curve and controls are brutal.  Since I know you've played through Morrowwind and Gothic II, I'd respect what you have to say about the PoC game. 

I'm on the fence about it because I've heard that the learning curve and controls are brutal.

After 45 hours I just finished Gothic 2 last night in fact! I'll fill you in on POTC once I've got some more time into it, the issues with the controls aren't off base however, expecially on the PC. It's a little better on the Xbox which is the platform the game is obviously made for.

Wow this came out of left field. I figured this would suck, but now I really need to see it. Ive just got to sucker someone else into seeing it with me.

Ahh revel in your geekdom and go to the movies by yourself. Its too much of a pain in the butt to get people to go so I just started going by myself after work during matinee times.