Daily Elysium: We Got Nothin'

Certis and I have been trading ICQ messages back and forth for a good percentage of the day.  To paraphrase in a very general and embellished way he says, "Boy I (thinly veiled excuse).  So I can't post right now.  Why don't you get off your lazy posterior and contribute for once in your miserable excuse for a life."

To wit, I respond, "I would but I have a nasty hangnail!  Also my socks are smelly and must be washed!"  And so it went for several hours.  Honestly, I'm pretty sure we both thought about posting something on the new Sims Expansion, but I doubt anyone here cares, and you could probably just write the standard contrivances that pass for jokes about The Sims yourself.  I tried to come up with something witty and insightful to say, but I'm pretty sure that playing Everquest last night did some kind of cerebral damage.  Anyway, the fundamental thing I need to get across to you is:

Today ... we got nothin'.

I'm serious.  Nothing.  Not even a decent read more.  It's alright to feel cheated now.


Man I feel jipped!  Here I pay for daily updates and....oh....wait, never mind.

Another Sims expansion, ughh, there's another 30 bucks at Best Buy for my girlfriend's habit.

boo ;). Don't worry about it. I rather have it this way than wading through c&p news.

Man I was thinking almost the exact same thing. At first I was like, "Hmm, make fun of the new sims expansion? Nah" then I was like "Hmm, make fun of the Kaaza suit getting dismissed like every other site on the planet? Nah" then I gave up and cried in a corner. I couldn't even come up with something interesting to say about that Miyamoto interview that was cool as hell, but I couldn't add to it besides cut and paste so I didn't post that either. Damn what a slow day.

Kazaa suit was dismissed?

Woot! Score one for the good, er bad, er good guys?

Well those of us that use p2p for legit reasons or already purchased what we downloaded.

I'll second the 'Everquest cerebral damage' theory.

I must say, that was the lamest dirty sock sexy story I've EVER read in this forum! The moderator should hang his head in shame at allowing this post to...

Ah, wait... This is not Dirty Sock Sexy Stories! This is gamers with jobs! Oh. Maybe I should stop writing now, before all the guys begin thinking I'm some sort of sock pervert! In fact I'll close the window right now, without hitting the submit button. But before that, I will go get a drink, I'm sure none of my coworkers will pass by my desk while I am away! La la la dum...

Well, Kaaza sued the RIAA members for conspiring to lock them out of the distribution business, that was dismissed. So its not really one for the good guys, but it was a retarded suit anyways so it didnt really have any legs. They won the RIAA vs Kazaa suit a while back, meaning they are 100% legal.

"Flanders my socks feel dirty.. Gimme some water to wash them.."