The Week Ahead


I hope everyone had a good long weekend! It's back to business as usual around here which means Elysium will once again prove to be weak willed, Sway will draw a hilarious comic and Pyro will find new and exciting ways to make love to Linux. For myself, I plan to finish up Gothic 2 (which has gotten even better since my first impressions) and I'll probably spend some time finding inner-peace before we start our weekly Everquest group on Tuesday.

Not much happening on the game front I'm afraid but that will make Knights of the Old Republic all the sweeter when it ships in a week. *Update* I've added the upcoming DVDs which include The Iron Giant!

The Big Games

Charlie's Angels
Platform: Gamecube
Ships: July 8th
Price $29.99

The Buzz: The gameplay movies from this past E3 didn't exactly inspire confidence but you just never know these days. It might be worth renting if we're lucky.

Outlaw Volleyball
Platform: Xbox
Ships: July 8th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: What can I say here? It's either going to be trashy and fun or it's going to be trashy and stupid.

Check out all the upcoming releases here.


•2002-2003 NBA Champions: San Antonio Spurs
• Basic
• The Iron Giant
• La Femme Nikita: The Complete First Season
• Phone Booth

- Certis


Well, I got my Gothic 2 copy...

arh, the controls, the controls... For the life, I have no clue what tha' hell is wrong with the controls... Aaaa....!

Ehh! It's not that bad, but certainly some thing getting used to. Other wise the game is not that bad... though I have not really had to much time to sit in front of it, and constant reloading of the saves... i think i have +100 to bad luck in the game. Still it looks good!

The controls will get better as you play, I hope you're using the mouse at least! For me the hardest part was getting used to turning with the mouse instead of strafing all the time. I only really do that when I'm fighting.

Stick with it, the game is highly rewarding once you get a little stronger and you're not running away from everything like you have to on your first trip to town

Ok, so this week I thought I'd try something new, with some leather and whips, possibly chains and some ana....

Oh you were making a joke! Hahaha so was I. Yeah. Very funny.

I hate that in an hour I'm going to prove Certis' predictions right.  It makes him so insufferable.  Of course, he doesn't mention he had inside knowledge of my announcement.  He's the Martha Stewart of gaming sites.

- Elysium

How is the Iron Giant just now coming out on DVD?  It's a fantastic flick!

Ya deffinetly, I made an exeption to my "not buying VHS" rule to get Iron Giant. I'll have to go pick it up on DVD now. Damn im running out of money fast.

Uhm, I've had "The Iron Giant" on DVD for 2 or 3 years now. Unless it was only in Canada that it was available, I'm not sure why no one else could find a copy.

Its sad that such a fantastic movie didn't do better in the box office. It couldn't compete with the Disney juggernaut (although, to illustrate a quality comparison I honestly can't recall what Disney flick was released at the same time).