Happy Canada Day!


Just in case anyone got scared or confused (or both) today's Stan is all about celebrating Canada day in style. Toss in a log cabin, some drunk beavers and a keg of quality beer and you've got yourself one hell of a stereotypical Canadian house party! I'll be passing the day playing Midtown Madness 3 on Xbox Live so if anyone wants to hook up for a game just let me know and we'll pick a time. I can't promise you the beavers but I will be drinking good beer.


Special thanks to Elysium's lovely and talented wife Elysia for making a Canada Day Stan for us!


Oh ya, Canada Day is Tommorrow... I am so out of it lately, too much crap going on. Guess I will have to find myself a vantage point for the fireworks tomorrow.

Just got back from a pool party pre Canada Day celebration! Good times, good times indeed!

Is stan supposed to be different today? Or did I miss something.


Nice touch with Stan. Very cool.

That is one happy beaver!