Welcome to the new Week Ahead special edition 2.0. To be perfectly honest I'm tired of slogging through EB's release list and retyping it here for your amusement. Back when we started Elysium and I promised ourselves that if something we were doing started to feel like work we'd drop it. Never fear, we'll still be looking at the week ahead but rather than throwing everything at you we will focus on the more noteworthy games and offer a bit more info about them. For those of you who still want to know every release coming down the pipe I'll provide a top secret link to the very same list I pull the releases from!

The Big Games

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
Platform: PC
Ships: July 1
Price $34.99

The Buzz: It's a War Craft III expansion so I think you know what to expect. I'm hearing that it's a bit more geared towards the multiplayer side of things so those of you who don't play online might want to wait for reviews.

Midnight Club II
Platform: PC
Ships: July 1
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: With the console version getting solid reviews across the board and a multiplayer mode this is one to consider. If it's a straight port the only thing that would prevent it from reaching PC greatness would be bugs.

Ape Escape 2
Platform: PS2
Ships: July 1
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: Fans of the first game range far and wide so I'm sure there's hope for those of you who need some hot monkey action. Watching IGN's video preview I can say that it looks like a lot of fun, especially for the kids.

As you can see there isn't too much going on this week, Tomb Raider: AOD should be shipping for the PC today but it sounds like you may want to stay away from that one. For a complete list of upcoming game be sure to hit EB's site.


• Gangs Of New York
• The Gold Rush
• How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
• King Of The Hill: The Complete First Season
• La Femme Nikita
• Modern Times
• Mr. Baseball
• The Real Cancun
• Wings Of Desire

- Certis


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