Return of the King Poster


Welcome to Friday, I'm heading out of town for the day but I couldn't resist posting the first Return of the King poster before I go. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has been a wild ride and I can't wait for the final part this winter! Let's just hope Peter Jackson doesn't decide to do some lame prequels in 20 years..


Oh Aragorn, I wish you were the king of America.



"Oh Aragorn, I wish you were the king of America."

Jesus, Certis! And you called me and Pyro's thread homoerotic!

Speaking of the lame prequels, though, the Silmarillion is actually kind of cool once you get past the Tolkien Old Testament portion of the book. Turin Turamaber is especially cool.


I am hoping and praying that Jackson does The Hobbit.  Although I heard that he was thinking and talking about doing it as a multi week mini series on TV.  That would be cool, but I think I'd prefer a movie.  But then again, if we get a 100% faithful recreation of the book, then a miniseries over the course of a summer (with a dozen 2 hour episodes) that would make one heck of a DVD!  And we wouldn't have to wait a year for The Hobbit: Part 2, 3, etc.  And since it's only one book (and it's THAT long) they could do it justice in a miniseries spread out over a few months.  

But anyway, that poster is awesome. I have the ones from the first two (the full cast of FotR and just the towers from TTT.  

Man, these movies kick ass!

The Hobbit would be an easy movie to do. There isn't much you can cut from it if you did it like four 2-hr shows on NBC.

You say that like you know more specific details.