GWJ Sells Out


That's right, the first group to offer us sacks of money has received some ad space along left hand side of the page. Ok well actually, we've been looking for ads to off-set the cost of running the site a bit without having to resort to pop-ups or seizure inducing banner ads. The ads that Google displays will slowly configure themselves to what we have on the site (game stuff mostly) and may even prove relevant to some of you. We receive a piece of lint every time you click on one of the links so please do so once in a while! We will eventually take all the lint given and have Sway and Pyro knit Elysium a new pair of pants. I really don't want him going without pants anymore.


I forgot to mention that the G-Spot news feed was removed earlier due to server related issues before we signed on for the ads. If we can get the news feed thing sorted out it will be back!


I am currently clicking like a madman. If you don't do it for Certis, please, think of Elysium's bare ass!

I'd rather not think of that thank you very much. So far we're 7 cents in the plus, go team!

7 whole cents?? And STILL no NEW ARTICLES OR REVIEWS! Man, this site has SO sold OUT and I am NEVER coming BACK! OHhh, I remember it like it was yesterday, when you did this for the love of the money yet to come!

Oh, just kidding, this is really good. Go forth, GWJ!

I clicked on four, how much lint does that get you guys?

No idea.  Looks like the ad machine locked onto my Galaxies NDA article and is pumping ads out on that keyword.  Thank God we didn't have the DOAX is Not Porn article up when we started this thing. 

Just to be clear, if this thing doesn't work out then it's gone.  You know, unless we make lots of money.  I'm a money whore.

I don't know, I started tooling around that RPG figurine thing and started getting turned on by that Battlefield Gothic thing...

I know what you mean, that Business/Legal Agreements? Hot hot Lawyer on Laywer action. BOOYAH!

I only get job offer ads. Does that mean something?

Id just like to say, Ive seen several interesting ads so far, game development toolkits, that site that sells minatures, its not just X10 crap. I like it.

Chrisg, the ads are actually kind of interesting in how they determine what ads to show.  For example I just visited a thread in the forums that was asking about what kind of television someone should purchase, and the ads in the sidebar were all for, you got it, televisions.  Meanwhile in the political forum you're more likely to find socially themed ads, and in discussions of specific games links to that game or related games.  The ad software essentially reads the page, and then provides content, but it takes a while to smooth out the kinks.  For example, all the recent talk of Galaxies' NDA left the software thinking that's what that page was interested in.  As it has more information to sample from, the ads will stabilize. 


ah now I get the "ads by Google" sign above them. Still felt a bit odd, when I sat at my office and getting job agency ads :).

The thing is now going rampant with pop-up blocker ads, someone must have talked.