Geist Review Reviewed


One of my favorite pastimes is ridiculing things, in fact it's by far my favorite pastime.  Nothing beats an afternoon of watching TV and yelling at people in Law and Order who try to mess with Jack McCoy.  My roommates and I usually treat it like a sporting event, "You can't win, don't bring that all up in McCoy's face! BOOYAH! MCCOY OWNED YOU!"  (we normally don't say booyah)  Or, as another example, getting a good laugh out of anyone on MTV at any time during the day.  However, with a hobby like gaming I can usually keep myself entertained without having to resort to TV.  Take this, for example.

N-Sider took an "in-depth" look at n-Space's new GameCube FPS, Geist.  This game ends up looking potentially good, however the article itself is much more entertaining.  Read on...

Let's start with the second page of the article.  The author decides that
sometimes its best to first take a look at the creator before one can fully appreciate the creation.
  Uh, ok.  Heres the list of games they have made, again from the article.
    * Mary-Kate & Ashley: Crush Course (2001)
    * Danger Girl (2000)
    * Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes (2000)
    * Mary-Kate & Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall (2000)
    * Die Hard Trilogy 2 (2000)
    * Rugrats Studio Tour (2000)
    * Duke Nukem: Time To Kill (1998)
    * Rugrats: Search for Reptar (1998)
    * Bug Riders (1998)
    * Tigershark (1997)
There are probably several things about this list you'll notice right off, and let me tell you the author of this article has already beaten you to the punch.  For instance, you'll notice that there are about 3-4 games released every 2 years by this company.  
As you can see, n-Space has released several games a year since its inception. For a company to do this, it must be skilled, determined, as well as contain a fair amount of employees.
Now I know one other thing you mustve noticed by now, the disturbing amount of Mary Kate and Ashley and Rugrats  games.  In fact, thier only other GameCube game was Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: Licensed to Drive.  If they had made the subtitle of the game "Legal in Some Countries!" I might've bought the game right there, but I digress.  
Some might scoff at this list of licensed games. However, it would be unwise to judge the developer's talent solely on its choice of licenses. ... In fact, several of these games are million-selling titles which is an accomplishment in and of itself. n-Space has worked hard to get where it is today and should be commended.
I see now!  It all makes sense.  The hard work it must have taken to get a million seller Mary Kate and Ashley title must be gargantuan.

What's in those ellipses you ask?  Shh.  The author may make a reasonable point there, or he may merely ramble about the candy in his pocket that is going to eat him someday.  How would I know?

Finally, the piece de resistance, the true sign of the author's otherworldly knowledge of all things gaming.

Geist is a hybrid title that combines the fast-paced action and perspective of a traditional first person shooter with stealth-based game play and a unique new mechanic: the ability to 'possess' other characters in the game. This enthralling innovation is what will help the game stand above all the rest.
Note the italics are not mine.  Now, I know several of you probably remember a game called Messiah.  Well, I'm here to tell you Messiah never existed, please erase it from your memory.  Actually, there are probably several of you that wish you could, but I digress, again.

After page 3, the article gets very in depth and managed to make me interested in the game despite the rest of the article.  So go read the article, Geist could be a winner, just skip the first three pages.  Also, n-Space, nothing personal, Geist does indeed look very cool, just try not to quote this article on your box.


*edit* Okay, I went and read the article after I was done and realized I was a little over the top.  Sorry about that, I'd say it wont happen again but I know better ;).  Ill try a few edits and see if I can salvage it, but I apologize if I offended anybody.


I think you also did a fair share of "possessing" in the bizarro-world N64 title Space Station Silicon Valley. But, since very few people even remember the N64, I'm sure it's understandable why this title would not jump to the forefront of anyone's mind.

Careful Pyro, turn-about is fair play and all that

I enjoy a good mockery now and again. Cause I know that whoever does it is completely wrong and I am perfect.

Seriously though, all in good fun, I just found several phrases in that article pretty over the top and apologetic, and I needed an article to write

Yeah, I remember Silicon Valley. First run came out with a bug that wouldn't allow you to finish the game in certain circumstances.

Want to go even more recent, a first person action game on the Dreamcast called "Maken X" centered around posessing various characters.

Pshaw. Paradroid, anybody? Now there was some posession.