With this MAG I thee wed


I saw this over on Slashdot Games and am struggling for words (no, not really, read on). Apparently Phantasy Star Online users, not content with cohabitation and fighting bosses together, will now be able to marry each other in a specially designed lobby. The new lobby will be decorated as a wedding chapel complete with Wedding March theme music. Those lawfully wed will also receive a marriage certificate in their inventory. I wonder if you can collect these like ears in Diablo PvP?

I suspect the new server code will be featured across the various platforms, though I could find no confirmation. Since most U.S. Gamecube owners do not have access to any of the more human methods of communication (keyboard or voice chat), they would be forced to use the in-game emoticons or on-screen keyboard. Thank goodness "I do" is only four characters long. Although I'm sure a triangle-headed one-eye smiley with a peace-sign-hand would suffice.

Don't let my bitterness fool you. I think it's a cool idea. We've seen our share of handfastings by the druid ring. There was a funeral that took place in Camelot. As people spend more and more time "in game", these events become more and more legitimate. Despite the fact that I still cringe anytime I am forced to explain someone is an "online friend", I have better friendships with some of them than with those I know in "the real world". If I have to enclose another "term" in double quotes, I'm going to "burst into flames".

While I haven't quite felt compelled to take any of my online acquaintances down the aisle, I don't think it's unreasonable. In fact, in the RPG context of any MMORPG it actually makes perfectly good sense. If you've roleplayed events in a storyline leading up to such a union, it would be silly not to roleplay the actual wedding. I realize that in PSO the roleplaying is pretty minimal and that it is unlikely many of the weddings would be story driven. I would assume that the chapel will mainly be used for some sort of ritual to mark two people as (here come the quotes again) "going steady". Presumably there aren't any varsity jackets to give to the starry-eyed girl.

Hmmm...I suppose this new feature may be for those religious FOmarls out there chastely slaying Poison Lillies until the day the virtual wedding bells ring and...no, I don't think it would be good to open that can of tasteless worms.


It is hard to explain the conecpt of an online friend to those who really don't get the internet.  "Think of it as a pen pal,"I say.  "You're an idiot," they say, and thus it goes.  Being married, in RL that is, I don't have to get mired in the questionable online dating scene, which still seems like pretty thinly veiled autoerotica to me. 

While I haven't quite felt compelled to take any of my online acquaintances down the aisle

Pyro, I'm so sorry you had to have your hopes dashed like that.

I don't think it's unreasonable.

Wait, there's still hope!