Welcome to release filler week. All we have are some low budget PC games and Tetris Online for the Xbox to keep us company. Next week however, will be another story! Hooo wee! On the DVD front Tears of the Sun will be released along with the complete fourth season of Buffy.

Most Games Ship on Tueday

Disciples II: Guardians of the Light (PC, 6/10) $19.99

Chariots of War (PC, 6/11) $44.99

War & Peace (PC, 6/12) $29.99

Big Biz Tycoon 2 (PC, 6/12) $19.99

Tetris Worlds - Online Edition (Xbox, 6/13) $19.99


• Biker Boyz
• The Brady Bunch Movie
• Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Complete 4th Season
• Frida
• Giant
• Grease 2
• The Jungle Book 2
• Old School
• The Right Stuff
• Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
• Tears Of The Sun
• They
• A Very Brady Sequel

- Certis


Disciples II: Guardians of the Light is that an expansion!?... now that i think about I still have not finished the Disciples II...

Considering the price, I think an expansion would be a good guess!

Sorry if I am being slow, but what is great about next week?  Fill me in !!

Damnit, I thought Buffy had already released season 4 on DVD, I am eagerly awaiting 5 and 6.

Actually I think Guardians of Light is a stand alone game. In the fall they are releasing another one, "Something of Shadow" for another $20.

Tears of the sun is a bleah type movie nothing to be excited about. Season 4 Buffy however, Wooo hooooo!