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Back in the day when I worked for a call centre finding new online comics became a bit of an obsession for me. Anything to drive back the despair brought on by knuckle-dragging "internet users" from Baton Rouge. Even today, well free of that oppressive and soul draining job I'm always on the look-out for new comics to add to my morning routine. Keep reading if you need something to do while you avoid work!

I'll just list them in the same order I tend to read them:

Penny Arcade - We all know Penny Arcade, I've been reading them since their humble beginnings at Loony Games back in the day. Three strips a week in glorious color!

PVP - Another comic that has claimed a few years of my life, I just wish he would update in the mornings rather than random times during the day. Updated seven days a week with a color strip every Sunday.

Real Life - Updated Monday through Friday in color Real Life is one of those comics I seem to read every day despite the fact I don't laugh to often while reading them.

Sherman's Lagoon - Probably the best printed media comics out there right now. The website version is updated daily and is about a week or two behind the newspaper runs.

Sluggy Freelance - This is one of those comics I discovered a couple years ago doing tech support. At the time, going through the archive took me about two days of regular reading. Updated every day Sluggy is kind of a comic-type setup with large over-arching stories.

Dilbert - Since I don't read the paper getting my Dilbert fix online is a good way to go. The strips are starting to repeat themselves but I'll keep reading so long Scott Adams keep making them!

Get Fuzzy - Also a syndicated comic this one is fairly new to me and really quite good. It's all about Bucky the cat of course and he acts just like any real cat who could talk would. Fairly stupid, spiteful and totally self-absorbed.

Fox Trot - You know what Foxtrot is right?

Megatokyo - Updated three times a week I keep coming back for the art style, the consistently amusing strips and the cure robot girl. Sure, I don't know what the hell is going on with the plot but who cares?

Everything Jake - If you've never read this one before start at the beginning. Don't try to pick it up where it currently stands in the plot, you'd be totally lost.

Sinfest - One of the greatest things about Sinfest is that the updates are online every day without fail. No lame excuses, no begging for money, just a new comic every day without fail. I can respect that, even when the comics themselves are all over the map in terms of the funny level.

Movie Comics - Another randomly updated comic with slightly lame humor. Honestly, I don't know why I bother although it does have its moments. Worth reading the archives at least!

Clan Bob - Another comic that started off pretty light and went all plot heavy as time went on. It's not bad but it's not always great either. Updated three days a week in color.

Scary Go Round - A fantastic comic that is updated Tuesday through Friday in full color. Each plot runs about a month and they are completely self-contained with a few recurring characters. Great art style and highly amusing.

Sexy Losers - *Adults only* This one is not for kids or anyone easily offended by sexual themes. We're talking necrophilia gags and stuff like that. Updated roughly once a week when this strip is funny, it's REALLY funny.

Calvin & Hobbs - My Comics runs Calvin and Hobbs every day although you do have to be a member to read them.

Bloom County - My Comics has recently started running the original Bloom County series online. They alternated between posting the six weekly strips in one day and the Sunday comic on another. You have to be a My Comics member to get them mind you.

Something Positive - My latest discovery, Something Positive is updated in color five days a week. Some very cynical humor in there but highly entertaining. Easily the best comic I've come across in the last few months.

Infinite Lives - Possibly the best comic known to man, IL is updated right here every Friday!

So those are the comics I read every morning before I fully wake up. I'm sure there are more good ones out there I'm missing but a man can only read so many comics!

- Certis


Id just like to add a couple of sites that I go to

Commander Kitty - well drawn and the plot sorta makes sense, very funny however. Cute characters.

8-Bit Theater - great site, takes FF1 sprites and puts them in a webcomic, very well written. Funny as hell.

Pokey The Pengiun - Not that I visit it regularly, but a very f*cked up comic about a pengiun. Hilarious if you're into that sort of thing.

Thats about it for my list that Certis didn't mention. I found some new ones too, gonna have to check this stuff out.

I'll list mine regardless of whether or not they're in Certis' list.

Diesel Sweeties - For love and pixels... just a really funny comic with robots and porn stars!  

Angst Technology - A comic about a game studio

Megatokyo - Great Manga!

Penny Arcade - It's like a staple in the webcomic diet... Been reading them for around 4 years now, even got their hardcover book signed and all that.. i'm a geek!

PVP Online - A comic about a Gaming Magazine... got his print book, and his comics as well... great guy and great comic!

Real Life Comics - Still one of my favorites!

Mac Hall - Really good art, and he's pretty hilarious too!

Residence Life - Good comic about living in Residence and attending school!

Shaw Island - Still can't remember how I stumbled upon this one, but it's really funny.

VG Cats  - Hilarious, but only updated when he feels like it.

AppleGeeks - Art style similar to Mac Hall, but still stands on it's own.

Something Positive - An absolutely hilarious comic for the twisted mind !!

Coffee Brain - The newest comic I've added to my list... I like it

True 'Nuff - Another really funny comic.

That's my list. I've been reading PA, PVP and RealLife for the longest amount of time, and the others have been added to the list over time. Another comic I want to mention is Force Monkeys which was quite good, but the creators have stopped making it to pursue another idea.


HEY, I'm a knuckle dragging "internet user" from Baton Rouge!


I've been trying to escape, but few other states have as little regard for their environment and high tolerances of chemical plants as Louisiana.

I've been reading:

Building 12 - Life and weirdness in a dorm filled with freaks, slackers, and regular fan service.

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Consistantly one of the best video game-related comics (outside of Penny Arcade) in my opinion.

Megatokyo - As long as Piro isn't on one of his sad schoolgirl kicks, it can be good.

Penny Arcade - No intro necessary.

Real Life - I don't know why, but I really enjoy this one.  Maybe it's the absurdity of some of the storylines?  Shrug.

VG Cats - It's usually pretty funny... when it's updated.

Excellent. Something Positive is easily the best comic I've found in... ooh... ages.

Well done, that man. You've managed to lower office productivity again - around 10-15 person days lost here this week alone, just to that one comic being discovered.