Playstation Experience a Go, Spaceworld No?


Gamespot reports that Sony will continue their "Playstation Experience" event in London this year after the success of last year's show. Running along side ECTS it will begin August 28th and go until the 31st. On display will be a ton of PS2 products and according to executive VP David Reeves "The events will offer a truly memorable experience and bring a wide range of our consumers closer to all the things that make the market leading console a compelling lifestyle choice"

Lifestyle choice? Wow.

In other news, Nintendo has reportedly nixed their Spaceworld show for the second year in a row. Nintendo's reason last year was a focus on E3 as the platform of choice for new game announcements rather than doing their own event. This can only be a disappointment for fans hoping to see some new games from Nintendo after a limp E3 2003 showing.