It has been an interesting week so far. I went out to my car on Monday to find it had been broken into and the stereo was gone. The ONE time I leave the faceplate on and BAM! Stolen. I was actually pretty calm about it since it felt like it was only a matter of time. I've lived in the city for about five years now and this is the first time something nasty like this has happened to me. Sure, I've been accosted (and propositioned) by my share of homeless people but that's all in a days work when you live downtown really.

So my stereo was stolen on Monday and today I got something in the mail from Sony Online Entertainment. A fat bag of crack.

Last week I couldn't install my copy of Planetside since it turned out I got some discs that were part of a bad batch. I had to email SOE the info so they would send me a new set. In the mean time, I still had the beta discs so I just installed those and patched up to retail, no big deal. Today I receieved a new set of Planetside discs along with some "we're sorry we messed up" free copies of the Everquest Trilogy (the original, Ruins of Kunark and Scars of Velious) and Everquest Online Adventures for the PS2. They felt so bad about the mix up they sent me some more products I can pay monthly for and destroy my life with. Thanks Sony, I knew you cared underneath that fancy suit and those glowing red eyes of pure evil and spite. If anyone wants the Everquest Trilogy let me know and I'll fire it off to you. If no one wants it, I'll just smear it in chicken's blood and set it on fuego.

I'm off the market for Everqest addictions, I had my share when it launched back in the day. Instead, Elysium and I may have embarked on a new addiction last night playing *NDA* *NDA* until about 2:30 in the morning. Elysium is usually tuckered out by about 10:00 PM (just after Matlock) so you can imagine the hold this game had on us. It's odd that despite my overall dislike of Everquest after what it did to my life (I mean, what I let it do to my life) while playing it I can't help but try every new MMORPG that comes out. It's almost like I WANT to strap another crack monkey on my back.

With any luck, Gamevoice has spoiled me for playing MMORPG's alone and I'll only want to play when someone else is around to join me. That should prevent any overdosing and eventual shunning of things like bathing, eating or wearing pants. Then again, addiction isnÂ't usually something you decide to partake in, it kind of sneaks up on you.

Maybe IÂ'll get lucky and the guy who stole my stereo will break into my apartment and steal my account keys. That would be ok.


- Certis