England Airport Security Declared "Camping AWP fags lolz!!"


As if Blood Pudding wasn't enough, there's now another reason to stay away from England. Or alternately, for all you CS lovers in the audience, if Elizabeth Hurley wasn't enough, now theres another reason to move to England.

Fradley Airfield will soon contain the largest concentration of Counter Strike players on the planet, as they prepare to build the map de_dust in real life. They plan to hold paintball tournaments there in August 2003, to recreate Counter Strike as accurately as possible in real life, with costumes and an authentic looking playing field.

For authenticity, I'm not sure how they plan to force everyone to complain about aimbots and cheating. They probably won't have any trouble getting everyone to ignore the 10 year old kid yelling at the top of his lungs for backup, however.