Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide Gold!


I'm not sure we've ever mentioned the expansion pack to Neverwinter Nights around here but I'm pleased to say that it has gone gold and should be out in a few weeks! I know many of you had issues with it but hoochie and I had a ton of fun playing together over the LAN and I'm sure this will be a welcome addition. Here is a quick bullet list of stuff included in the expansion:

- 5 prestige classes (Assassin, Blackguard, Shadowdancer, Harper Scout and ?)

- 50 new spells

- 30 new feats

- All new story

- 16 new creatures

- 3 new tile sets

Sounds good to me! has it shipping June 24th so look for it then.


... that they've actually written a good story this time as well?