A Hell of a Lot


Plenty of games coming out this week with Brute Force (Xbox) and the The Hulk (all platforms) leading the way. Aside from that there are a few surprises like Chessmaster for the PS2 and Wing Commander Prophesy on the GBA. Strange days my friends, strange indeed!


Read on for the game and DVD releases for the week ahead!

All Games ship on Tuesday..mostly.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection (PS2)

Chessmaster (PS2)

Speed Kings (PS2, GC on the 28th)

G1 Jockey 3 (PS2)

Brute Force (Xbox)

Bloody Roar Extreme (Xbox)

The Hulk (GC, Xbox, PS2, PC, GBA) Only $29.99 for PC and GBA version, $49.99 for the console editions.

Shrek Super Party (GC)

MotoGP 2 (PC) Only $19.99!

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord (PC)

Legion Gold (PC)

Alien Vs Predator 2 GLD (PC)

Wild Rides Water Park Factory (PC)

Wing Commander Prophecy (GBA, May 28th)


• Bob The Builder: Building Friendships
• A Bug's Life
• Charlie's Angels: The Complete First Season
• Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season One
• George Carlin: You Are All Diseased
• A Guy Thing
• Led Zeppelin
• Love Liza
• The Mothman Prophecies
• National Security
• The Pianist
• The Recruit
• Talk To Her

More DVD releases

- Certis


is the release of brute force definite? I did not read of any gold anouncements whatsoever.

I'm with chrisg, I haven't heard a damn thing about this game going gold or entering production. This was seemingly one of their flagship games and I just think that they would be singing its release praises.

Unless it turned out to be terrible and they decided to cover it all up.


 It was headed for reproduction last week so I expect shipping tomorrow is well within the realm of possibility.

Now don't question me again or I'll have you destroyed.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season One

Am I the only one that thinks maybe *some* tv shows don't belong on DVD?



I wasn't calling you into question, Certis. Rather, just your statements. Maybe some evil deceiver had fooled you into believing that Brute Force was on the way when in reality it wasn't. I mean, for all I know, you don't even exist and maybe this was some plot by said evil deceiver to make me believe that Brute Force was on its way, by having an entity I trust (though I don't know for sure actually exists) tell me that it had gone gold when it, in truth, has not.



Be careful reaper, for all we know Certis is one of those "rare" people with superior administration powers this side of the internet. So we better watch our steps. We have been warned, one of THEM has warned us...

Now excuse me for I have to go to the next room where I can break out in lunatic laughter.

Didn't Combat Mission Beyond Overlord come out a couple years ago?
(Im pretty sure thats the one i own)
What am i missing here?

Brute Force is already showing up in some stores today, it should be everywhere by Tommorrow or Thursday

The other day I saw "Mad About You" on DVD. Now Mad About You may have been entertaining at the time, but I can't imagine anyone loving that show enough to buy the dvds.