NVIDIA is slowly going senile


You can just tell when a company is getting put out to pasture. They start rambling, talking about the good old days when the stockholders were generally happy and cheerful, not the bitter sarcastic office-furniture stealing bunch they have become. They tend to wander around their house, looking for thier dog that died two decades ago, and they swear Eisenhower is still president. Or they could just be doing things like this.

NVIDIA cheats on 3dMark2003

ATI card runs NVIDIA demo faster than NVIDIA

Read on...Lets talk about the first. It should be pretty obvious at this point that NVIDIA has fallen behind in the latest generation of graphics cards, when they have to cheat on benchmarks to be considered faster. However, this time was pretty bad. It's not like NVIDIA hasn't cheated on benchmarks before, but usually these things get glossed over, because the NVIDIA card still beats everything else hands down. This time in every other test the Radeon kept up with the NVIDIA card, according to ExtremeTech. This is pretty bad in and of itself, but the next bit is the nail in the coffin.

The MIT students wrote a wrapper around the custom NVIDIA OpenGL extensions used in the demo, which incurs overhead, and then proceded to run the NVIDIA demo on a Radeon 9800 pro. Then Radeon not only ran the demo faster, but with better image quality, thoroughly humiliating the Geforce and possibly it's mother.

If I were NVIDIA, I would threaten to cut the guy who writes the demos out of the will.



It wasn't long ago that Nvidia was the plucky under-dog taking and the large and evil 3dfx company. Funny how things look from the top.

This is so deja vu from when 3Dfx were king.

Everyone remembers when the Voodoo 2 was the best and we all couldn't wait for the Voodoo 3 to come out.

I remember hearing about nvidia and how they had better image quality because they had 32bit colour support and the Voodoo only had 16bit colour.

Then when the TNT2 came out it was the beginning of the end for Voodoo who just couldn't get a part out in time and at a decent price to compete with Nvidia.

The GeForce was the final nail in the coffin and by then everyone had given up on 3Dfx.

Now the same is happening with Nvidia and ATI.
ATI have had the best card for a while now. Image quality wise it is considered far superior to anything that Nvidia have and now with all the problems Nvidia had with the NV30 I guess everythign is riding on what the NV35 can do for them.

I guess being at the top for so long has made them soft. Perhaps they need tips from Microsoft on how to stay number 1.