Daily Elysium: State of the Site (Month 4)

Normally IÂ'd have worked up my monthly comments last week, but IÂ'm pretty sure that if it didnÂ't have to do with E3, then no one wanted to read it. IÂ'm making the dangerous assumption that you actually want to read this now, but when necessary I can quickly replace reality with fantasy. Actually, as you can see, IÂ've got quite a bit to talk about.  From big reviews, previews, improved forums, site integration, and, as always, what's next, there's a lot going on.  So, letÂ's dig right in, shall we?

First, as always, our thanks go out to you for making GWJ worth being a part of everyday. I sure as hell wouldnÂ't be sticking around if it were just Certis and I muttering at one another, largely because weÂ'd just spend most of the day hurling insults, and really thatÂ's only fun for so long. Seeing the same bunch of people hitting the forums and reading the site day after day makes it all the more worthwhile, so my thanks go out to you.

You might have noticed that this has been a busy few weeks for us. IÂ'm really quite proud of all the work thatÂ's recently gone into GWJ on all fronts. I admit freely that March and April were kind of a dry time for us, and we werenÂ't getting the kind of content on the front page that I think you deserve. ThatÂ's not to say that the site was doing poorly, only that, for a short while, it wasnÂ't moving forward like IÂ'd hoped.

I envision this site as two things. First, and possibly foremost, I think of this as a community site. Now, I donÂ't want to start having discussions on how to get chocolate stains out of pesky knit fabrics or anything like that - though, I bet soda water would do the trick - but I think the heart of GWJ is its growing community. You guys are the other half of GWJ, the reason to visit when thereÂ's no big news. Every time we get a heated debate or an active Everything Else thread, youÂ're providing the worthwhile content to the site that makes a visit worthwhile. One of the things IÂ've always wanted from a gaming website is a healthy forum based environment that was well moderated, full of familiar names, and where all topics were open for conversation matched to an active front page. I hoped, and continue to hope, that our site provides that environment for many of you.

Second I wanted a site full of original content. While I think itÂ's terrific to pass on the news to you, I also think, for our site, the news needs to come with something you canÂ't get anywhere else. Without giving you the extra substance then weÂ'd put ourselves into direct competition with sites like Blues, VE3D, and Gamespy Daily, and they already do a fantastic job filling that niche. IÂ've always pictured GWJ being as dependent on review, previews, editorials, commentaries, and, as we get bigger, even interviews as it is on the actual news. We know you can get news anywhere, but you canÂ't get SwayÂ's comics, CertisÂ' Coffee Grinds, my Daily Elysiums, HoochieÂ's She Said articles, or our reviews anywhere else. Whether thatÂ's good or bad I leave for you to decide.

And, if weÂ're going to move forward, those are the two veins IÂ'd like to see us move forward in. Which is why IÂ'm really quite proud of the past few weeks. From SwayÂ's Planetside preview, to HoochieÂ's Blood Rayne review, to CertisÂ' Enter the Matrix impressions, to the Rise of Nations review, I feel like weÂ've gotten back onto the original content track. WeÂ've introduced some new people to our site, weÂ've gotten a few of them to stick around at least for a few days, and hopefully our community can convince them to stay.

Enter Pyroman, whose efforts behind the scenes has finally allowed us to streamline and bring that community to the front page. As is widely known, my participation on this site is entirely literary. I can throw words at one another until nouns, adjectives, and verbs clump together in sentence-like form, but from a technical standpoint IÂ'm as useless as a spoon at zero-g (think about it a while, and itÂ'll eventually make sense). For that reason I appreciate CertisÂ' valiant efforts to try and wrap his brain around postnuke and do a variety of things that, to me, seemed as unknowable as quantum mechanics, but itÂ's my understanding that PyroÂ's ability to work the nuts and bolts of the site thoroughly outpaced Certis in a matter of seconds. So, weÂ're just kind of standing on the sidelines now, perhaps sipping a cold drink, and cheering Pyro on as he does things which, to us, seem vaguely super human. In other words, if you like the ways weÂ've improved the functionality of the site (notice how I use Â"˜weÂ' there) then you should direct all praise at Pyroman.

As if that werenÂ't enough we may have a new person or two showing up on the front page in the coming days and weeks. Some of them should be pretty obvious, and others might be a bit of a surprise, but weÂ're doing our best to provide good content about our Â"˜gamer cultureÂ' from folks who can turn a quick phrase and say something worthwhile. So, stick with us here at GWJ. I know I say it every month, but only because I always mean it. Things are only getting better.

- Elysium


 It's not much of a coment but that smily face sum up all i want to say!

Baking soda, I hear baking soda is good for removing stains.

As always, a nice Site update! Yes, I was glad to see the forums integrated (as Certis tried before, and I tried to help and got nuked from the boards 'cuz of it... so .. you know how well that went!).

I think the site has been coming along great guys! It's not even really the same site now, than when it first went up. GWJ kicks ass.