Firefly Film?


Fanciful speculation, pipe dream, or a wish answered?  According to Nathan Fillon (Serenity Captain, Mal Reynolds), care of Sci-Fi Wire, there are forces churning behind the veil of Hollywood to try and bring Fox's defunct series to the big screen.  One might ask why a series that fared poorly on television would even be considered for a trip to the silver screen, and, I think, that's probably a pretty good question but it's happened before in a different age under different circumstances, so we hold on to what little hope we have.  Regardless, there's certainly a studio or two that wouldn't mind tapping into Whedon's popularity, and Whedon has been adamant in his resolve to revisit the series, so anything could happen I suppose.  Read on for some of Fillon's comments

From SciFi Wire, Nathan Fillon says:

"Right now, our hopes and dreams are pinned on a Firefly movie, which TV can't cancel us out of," Fillion said in an interview at the May 18 Saturn Awards, where he was honored with Cinescape's Face of the Future Award. "We're talking silver screen, wide release, big old deal. So everything's looking very positive, so we're going to keep our fingers crossed."

He went on to add that Whedon would write and direct the film.  Whether this is Fillon making reality out of a dim long shot, or blowing the top off of a backroom deal remains to be seen, but it's the best news Firefly fans have had for a while. 

Fillon went on to confirm that work is progressing on a DVD release of the Firefly series that he has been providing commentary for.  No news on when to look on store shelves for Firefly.

- Elysium


If nothing else, I can't wait for the DVD!

This would be quite a turn of events.

I cant see how they'd expect to make any money from it.

I guess if the budget was not much more than an expensive episode.

However, that is drawing less than stellar parallels to the Star Trek movies.

I can't really see this unless the movie somehow picks right up when the series left off... it took them a while to build up any steam and you can't cram that kind of character development and background into a movie very well.

I would pay to see a Firefly movie easy. In fact if I were given a choice where I needed to choose between seeing Firefly the movie or the new Crap Wars, I think my choice would be obvious.

Crap Wars is da bomb!