Under Construction


Just a quick heads up to you.  We're doing some heavy work behind the scenes, integrating the forums and comments system.  The good news is that it's going well and we have the entire database connected instead of the double registration system where you had to register seperately with the front page and the forums.  The bad news is that we're using the forum database to link it all together (to better preserve established identities in the forums, I think). 

So, if in the past you registered with the site, but not with the forums then you'll need to reregister.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, if you experience any bugs the first time you log in with your existing account, log out and then log back in as usual, and you should be fine.

A great big shout out goes to Pyroman[FO] for understanding things that I barely have a basic comprehension of. 


FORUMS!! FORUMS!! FORUMS!! FORUMS!! FORUMS!! FORUMS!! FORUMS!! FORUMS,DOLL!!! You!!! Preacher!! You lyin' murderin' sonuvabitch!! You almost struck at me in!! I started to believe in your promises! That we had a chance!! Flat chance!! You took from me, the only thing I ever loved in the whole world. My FORUMS! YOU KILLED HER!!! YOU KILLED HER, you killed her,....(sobs) you killed her.

Hey, theyre back, its all good. Go ahead, drink the kool aid.