Shiggy Chats it Up With Gamespy


Nothing huge from the E3 floor so far today, so I thought I'd throw the Nintendo junkies a bone.  The original Game God, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke to Gamespy about the gaming industry, Nintendo, and the popularity of games like Grand Theft Auto.  Following Nintendo's recent stunning announcement that Mario will not be shooting hookers, this proves a timely interview.  Say what you want about Nintendo and Miyamoto, the guy has the track record to be one of, if not the single most notable figure in video games.  When Shiggy speaks, people listen:

I have looked at Grand Theft Auto. The basic concept was very well done. Regardless of what the content of the game was, the level of freedom that you had in that one big city was a very good idea. Obviously it has gotten a lot of press because of the moral issues; but even aside from that, the game was done in such a way that gives it great gameplay. I think that is the reason that Grand Theft Auto is selling.

Looking at this from the other side, I think we should welcome this game. Everybody is making all of this fuss about the incredible graphics and movies that they have in the games these days. For a game like Grand Theft Auto, which is not nearly as polished in terms of the graphical look, to do so well is positive for the game industry.

It's a pretty good read while you're waiting for the next big E3 announcement.