In some strange twist of fate, both Elysium and Sway are celebrating their respective birthdays today! Since I have no idea what either of them look like I figured I would just go with what I do know and run with it. Sway sounds much like the smooth and sexy Barry White on Gamevoice so that's a natural. As for Elysium, I know he has a beard and well.. I think you get the rest.




By God, I am a handsome devil!

I went to college with Sway, and while he looks a tad bit different, he's ultra smooth with the ladies...especially at Frat parties. 

Oh boy....have I got some stories.

If, by "ultra smooth" you mean "excruciatingly painful to watch", then yes.

Yes, i believe that the sway i remember was a bit heavier.

and as all the ladies can attest...it was just more to love.

Happy Birthday kids!

I think those pictures do them quite a bit of justice to them!  I have no basis for that comment. But that's part of the fun!

Börk börk börk, happidy-pappidy birthday kiddies!

Well, I guess my suspicions that they were in fact the same person have been put to rest by those pictures.  Happy Birthday, Swaysium!  Er...Elysium and Sway!

Hey!  Happy Birthday guys!

Isnt Elysium one of us now?  You know... 30 something?

Hahaha, welcome to the club wise old man

Happy Birthday to both!

happy birthday to both of you! have a nice party. /me raises pint in honor to ye birthday

Happy birthday guys! I got's to get me one of those beards!