E3 News and Views Day Two


Keeping track of every news bit that comes down the pipe from E3 has been crazy go nuts this year! You can be sure that a lot of the better bits will end up in today's E3 odds and ends list.

Updated: What the hell is that?


As usual, it will be updated throughout the day! If you spot any great stories we missed feel free to email us.

Mythica Cam Footage

Some low quality shaky cam footage has made its way to the Mythica Headquarters. There are four files, each just over one meg to download and you can make out some of the combat if you squint the right way.

Thief III Preview

Gamespy had a chance to see Thief III in action on the Xbox. It sounds like the lock picking system is similar to Splinter Cell's and there are also some other new elements in there. Dagger to the base of the neck? Sounds good to me!

Carmack Speaks

Gamespy has coverage of John Carmack's press conference where he talked about making games and all that fun stuff. As usual, he has some interesting things to say.

KOTOR Preview (PC)

pc.ign.com has some hands-on impressions of the PC version of Knights of the Republic. Even in it's early state, it looks exactly like the Xbox version under a higher resolution. There will be no multiplayer!

Half-Life 2 Footage

IGN Insider has 8 minutes of IN-f*ckING-AMAZING Half-Life 2 footage. If you're not an insider you can try your luck at Gamers Hell.

RPG Round-Up

RPGDot has some brief coverage of a handful of RPG's at E3. Some of them are lesser known but very cool looking so be sure to have a look!

D&D Online Announced

Atari has announced that they will be publishing Dungeon & Dragons Online, an MMORPG being developed by none other than Turbine. It's slated for release in 2005 so we have a good long wait ahead of us. This is probably a good thing since turbine also needs time to work on the recently announced Middle Earth Online. Talk about busy!

Booth Babes

I can't think of a better follow-up to a D&D Online story than the first round of booth babe pics at Homelan. That's it, take a good long look at that Klingon female. Woo!

Call of Cthulhu Hands-On

pc.ign.com has some hands-on time with Call of Cthulhu and it looks like they came out very impressed. In case you haven't heard, the game is now going to be published by Bethesda and should hit shelves in Q1 2004.

Kameo Elements of Power Preview

Gamespy has a preview of Kameo, Rare's upcoming game for the Xbox. It sounds like the demo of it could use some work but the previewer remains hopeful that it comes out alright.

What the Hell?

Just look.


Thanks Pureboy.. I think.

More to come!

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OMFG OMFG OMFG I've spent a HUGE amount of my free time today gazing at the various leaked HL2 vids that have popped up all around, IGN has some footage but the Gamespot vids are TEH BOMB!

Yeah, the Half-Life 2 stuff looks amazing! Thank god it's coming out this Fall..

And now it is time for "The Out of Context Theater"...

"Half-Babes Hands-On Preview"

Join us next time for "The Out of Context Theater."

It's official, Miyamoto is on Crack.

You may say "what the hell" but I say "bling-bling!"