Lesser Known Titles Get a Closer Look


Despite my raging jealousy at anyone who is enjoying E3 in person this year, I've decided to post this link to an excellent write up from forum regular Veloxi from his website Macular Degeneration.  Veloxi spent some time perusing some of the less well travelled, but equally exciting PC games on the show floor.  If you're looking for the voice of a wargamer, a flight sim enthusiast, or the kind of gamer that enjoys a mental challenge, then Veloxi's your man.  His write up takes a look at the America's Army additions, Blitzkrieg, Breed, Mu Continent, Warlords IV, Lock On, Rise of Nations, Flight Simulator 2004, MS Train Simulator 2, and Empires. 

Lock On is the successor to the venerable Flanker series of simulations, only this time you're also given a couple of American aircraft to fly, namely the F-15 Eagle and the A-10 Warthog. While Matt Wagner, the genius behind the game, began showing me the game with an F-15, I was itching to see the A-10, and BOY was I not disappointed. I've been clamoring for a flyable A-10 ever since the so-called "geniuses" at EA decided to cancel Jane's A-10 a while back. I must say that I wasn't disappointed.

If you have a game you're dying for someone to check out, Veloxi is taking requests in our forums.  Drop in and tell him what you'd like to hear about.


Great article, but I can definitely see the Macular Degeneration aspect of the page... Use a bigger font!

That better, smeghead? I increased all the font sized by 3 pixels apiece.

I still find the font size a little tough to read but then I've always liked larger sizes better.