Console Price Drops Live

Section: now lists the PS2 and the Xbox at $179.99 US ($249 in Canada) which I'm pretty sure isn't the $50 buck drop we were promised by our retailer buddies. Nintendo has no current plans to drop the price of the Gamecube and it looks like the console bundles are still in full effect.

Anyone planning to buy an Xbox or a PS2 now that the price is down again? I would if I didn't already own both.


Begun, the Console War has.

I have been contemplating finally getting an Xbox all day today. Nintendo did not deliver on the whole online thing, and I'm getting a little impatient. I have a PC that will game online, but I get frustrated with installing a game and having to be satisfied that " runs pretty good, if I turn down this and turn off that". By the time I have a compy that can run it well, I'm unlikely to be still playing it. So I've been sweating over buying an Xbox and Live for some time. Now that MS has announced it is raising the price on the next version of Live and dropping the price on the unit, I have been to the store to contemplate the purchase. There are still Live Starter Kits for the lower price and the new Xbox price goes into effect immediately.

On the other hand, the main reason I want a console online is so I can play from my couch. I like playing games from my couch and comfy living room chairs. You can see my current computer chair below (only mine has less back support). So, perhaps I can save a few bucks and just buy a new chair instead of a new console. I'm torn. Any advice, people?

Ow, my bum.