E3 News and Views


Like many of you I have been exposed to a ton of E3 media coverage. Rather than make a seperate story for each cool item that comes up I'll just put it all in one post and add stories that catch my eye throughout the day.

2nd Update added!


Read on for all the big news!

Blizzard E3 Website

Blizzard has launched their E3 website! They have a special section for each game with new screenshots, movies and info included. I downloaded the Starcraft Ghost movie and it's looking kind of like a Splinter Cell with more action and a chick in tight body armor. Honestly, despite Blizzard's name being attached to it I'm not terribly excited yet.

Nvidia Site Launched/Abduction

Nvidia has launched a new broadband website devoted to pimping their new video cards and showing off some of the games that use them. One title worthy of note is Abducted, a game created by Contraband Entertainment which has been made to use every feature on the GeForce FX cards. They are currently looking for a publisher and I don't it's going to take long to find one. 


River City Ransom!

River City Ransom has been getting some buzz so far at E3. Not only is a GBA version of the popular game in the works, there is also word that a Gamecube edition (Thanks Pureboy) is in the cards as well. Not much more info than that so far but it's excellent news none the less!

Max Payne 2 Site

A Max Payne 2 site has been launched. Nothing too exciting there just yet but I do like the logo image. Thanks to VE3D for spotting this one.


Sony Online Entertainment's Big Deal

EA reports that SOE will be offering an interesting bundle deal on a selection of their online games. For $21.99 a month you can play the following games:

  • EverQuest® (both PC and Mac version when it's released)
  • EverQuest II® (when released)
  • EverQuest® Online Adventures™
  • PlanetSide™
  • Station Pass™ Games (Infantry™, Cosmic Rift™, Tanarus®)

No Star Wars Galaxies but let's be honest, how much time do you really have in a day?

Grand Turismo 4 Shots

Gamefaction has a slew of Grand Turismo 4 shots up today. If you just look at the thumbs it's hard to believe it's just a game you're looking at!

IGN Insider

I'm only going to do this once, I promise. IGN Insider has been providing an incredible amount of coverage and videos from E3 so far. An excellent 8 minute feed of Halo 2 in action, the Doom 3 footage, the full Nintendo Conference (512 megs!) and much, much more. They are currently offering 20% off if you sign up right now. I couldn't think of a better time to do it, IGN is kicking some serious ass with their coverage this year!

I'm done now, you can put down your stone and pitchforks.

Gamespot has Doom III Trailer

Including all the footage from yesterday's Xbox Doom 3 teaser, this trailer adds about a minute worth of extra eye candy.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  In this case, beauty before brains.  You'd be remiss not to check it out!

Everquest 2 Screenshots

Also over at Gamespot, they've got some snazzy fine screenshots of SOE's upcoming sequel Everquest 2.  The images are quite impressive, but considering SOE's history with video engines, and worse optimization thereof, I shudder to think what the system requirements might be.  You can check out those shots here.

More to come!

- Certis & Elysium


A Max Payne 2 site has been launched. Nothing too exciting there just yet but I do like the logo image. Thanks to VE3D for spotting this one.

The woman in the logo is most likely Mona (or was that her sister's name?), the Desert Eagle-toting hotty that was out to waste Pucinello and the Evil Business Woman just like Max.  And at last check, she was shot in the elevator of that Evil Business Woman's corporate HQ when the doors closed and Max got swarmed by thugs.  When the doors reopened, she was gone and a big pool of blood was left.

I figured it was her too, who else would be messed up enough to like Max Payne? I mean, the guy is in a state of constant pain if you go by that expression of his.

Or all the painkillers made him constipated. Happened to me after surgery d00D, it wasn't pretty.

Well, the pills would explain why he didn't need to stop at a bathroom during the whole game.