Raven Shield Patch and Expansion


Along with the news that the Raven Shield patch has been released VE reports that a new expansion pack for the game has been announced. Coming this fall, Raven Shield: Athena Sword will feature 8 new single and multiplayer maps which will include new weapons and multiplayer modes.

- All-new, eight-mission campaign in locations including Italy, Croatia, and Greece
- Eight new Multiplayer levels
- Five new multiplayer game modes
- Three "classic" missions, based on previous Rainbow Six chapters & adapted to the Unreal engine.
- Seven additional real-world weapons (for a whopping total of 64)
- Weapon sound effects from the team that worked on the blockbuster film The Matrix

You can grab the new patch for the current version of Raven Shield later today, I'll toss up a link once it's available.

UPDATE: The patch is now available, head over to the Tactical Center to download it!