We Are Not a News Dump!


As you can see along the left hand side of the page, we stand firm on our belief that Gamers With Jobs is not a news dump. We are so sure of this fact that we've decided to run G-Spy's delicious RSS feed so you can keep up with some of the top headlines from around the net by jumping to a list of the sites reporting them. If there is a platform listed that doesn't tickle your fancy feel free to click on the tiny "-" symbol beside it to get rid of the list. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the feed! We also hope it works this time..

The list should refresh every 30 minutes if everything goes according to plan. Is three headlines per platform enough or should I kick it up to five? Hit the comments and let me know what you think or I'll kill you.


Now what I would really like to be able to do if filter that feed for specific profile based content



I value my life, so five please Mr. Certis.

Finally, I can stop posting.

I, too, would like more headlines.  Maybe shrink the font to fit more in? 

How about a nice GBA news section on the left?


Oh, and it would be Maaarvelous if you could make this posting form work with Opera 7, yes? Thaaank you daahling.

Okay I have a few requests.

Can you set it up so that we can choose the number of items in our login profile?

Also an option to set the width of the rss feed column so that we can choose to have it wider.

You could use drop down lists for the above options so that people can only choose 'safe' values.

PS: I have to log in every day for some reason. How long before cookies expire?

Mex: this was posted via opera. just hit F12 and then untick "enable javascript" the reason it doesn't work in Opera is because of the IE only javascript that gives you that interface that you can Highlight and bold stuff just by clicking on it.

You, my friend, are completely correct. I salute you!

Amazing suggestions! I have no idea how to implement them but really, all fine ideas.

As for the login thing, the server should force a re-login every seven days, not every day. Not sure why it's not working for you.