Angel Renewed!


Joss Whedon fans will be happy to hear the Angel has been renewed for a fifth season! It will air Wednesdays at 9PM after Smallville on The WB. The big news? A Buffy regular will be coming over to be a member of team Angel! Naming names may spoil it for people wondering who lives and who dies in the season finale of Buffy so read on for the full details.


Oh Fred, someday we'll be together... forever!


'Angel' wings in

As for "Angel," Frog has ordered another full season of the Joss Whedon-creative skein and will air the show Wednesdays at 9 p.m., with relocated hit "Smallville" as its lead-in. Frog has an option for a sixth season.

What's more, Paradigm-repped Marsters has signed on to reprise his "Buffy" role as punker vamp Spike. Other "Buffy" regulars may also make guest appearances next season, while Whedon has vowed to write several scripts and direct episodes of the show.

Jeffrey Bell and Tim Minear will be exec producers/showrunners.

Charisma Carpenter, who plays Cordelia, is not expected to return as a series regular.

"Angel's" recent ratings perfomance should have made it a shoo-in for a renewal.

Still, WB execs wanted to see how their drama development turned out, and, more importantly, needed to hammer out a new license fee deal with 20th. While "Angel" isn't a particularly expensive skein to produce, it doesn't do very well in repeats, making it tougher for the Frog to turn a profit on the show.

"Until we knew at what price we could close a deal for the series, as well as what the rest of our schedule cost, we couldn't make the call," WB Entertainment chief Jordan Levin said.

Still, unlike the rancorous Frog-20th negotiation over "Angel" sibling "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Levin said the "Angel" talks repped "a cordial, non-emotional negotiation.

"It's a deal that's acceptable for both of us, and also ultimately respects the fans of the collective 'Buffy' and 'Angel' mythologies," Levin said

This almost certainly means no more Connor (hurray!) and it looks like not as much Cordy (hurray?) so things are definitely changing. Joss Whedon having a hand in more episodes will also help quite a bit I think. Woo!

- Certis


I find this playing opposite of west wing to be tantamount to suicide :(. I'm going to have to by a second dam Replay, I can't take having to watch the commercials watching west wing live while angle records. Feh.



As far as I'm concerned West Wing ends next week.  I don't care about West Wing without Sorkin and Schlamme.  Sorkin has pretty much written every episode since the show's launch, so to imagine the West Wing without his wit and pacing is like reading your favorite series of books written by a new author, maybe John Grisham's Lord of the Rings.

John Wells?  Meh.  I haven't enjoyed ER for years, not since it became a prime time soap opera.  Clearly that's the direction they are heading with the West Wing, and I've no interest in that.  It appears neither does Schlamme or Sorkin.

But didn't you guys read the other detail?  Smallville is moving to 8 pm opposite Enterprise!  Thank you WB, thank you for helping to contribute to the premature end of this nightmare series!

The finale was great!  I dont think its left to doubt Connor's future and Cordy's future after the finale.  I'm more interested in Gunn's future plotlines.  Of course I'm not going to divulge anything in respect to anyone who hasnt seen the latest episodes.

After listening to Whedon speak it sounded like he expected to be renewed but he expected WB to play hard ball waiting for the last minute to renew trying to make him sweat a little.  Funny how this can also strengthen support for the show if its widely known that the show is put on the bubble by the "greedy" WB corporate.

*****SPOILER******   (highlight to read)

Do you think Gunn will get a panther pet?  or become a werepanther?  or absorb the essence of a panther and have panther-like powers? A panther pet would be super cool!

Now I see why you guys watch this show: Those girls are mighty attractive. ;)

 -- killrig

That is awesome news!
No more Connor will be a good thing. I'm so sick of that punk. I haven't seen the series finale yet though so I don't know what happens...
Spike coming in for next season - that's crazy! That should make for a very interesting dynamic