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This week we have Enter The Matrix shipping to every platform under the sun. At the very least I'll probably rent it to see the extra film footage after I've seen the actual movie. With any luck a movie license game won't be the last thing we see come out of Shiny's door.

On the DVD front many people will have a chance to finally see Equilibrium for the first time. This action flick was barely shown in any theatres before it was shuffled out of the lime light despite a healthy internet buzz behind it. If you get a chance, give it a rent or buy it! If nothing else, it will make for a good Matrix Reloaded primer.

All Games ship on Tuesday unless I tell you otherwise. Now sit down and pay attention!

Enter the Matrix (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC) May 14th

Lost Kingdoms II (Gamecube)

Blitzkrieg (PC) May 14th


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• Equilibrium
• The Hot Chick

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