Mario Kart Double Dash Footage


PGC is now hosting some footage of the upcoming Mario Kart game that someone managed to capture from a CNN broadcast yesterday. The DIVX file is 15 megs and you can head over here to grab it directly. If you want to download a smaller version of it or get the full broadcast that also included some F-Zero stuff head over to this page!


Beware the dreaded Planet Gamecube pop-up ads! If you're feeling like a cowboy you can right click this link and try to download the entire video from They also have some supposed scans of a new Super Mario RPG at the site.


What the heck were you doing up posting at 3:47 am?

I think someone decided to play Planetside anyway.

No, I was playing "I can't f*cking sleep so I'll just browse the internet until I pass out"

It was fun!