Xbox Live Price List


MS has sent out the final price list for the Xbox Live service. Here's how things will work:

Xbox Live one year renewal/subscription $49.99
Xbox Live monthly rate $5.99
Xbox Live Voice Communicator $29.99
Xbox Live Starter Kit $69.99

You will be able to renew your Xbox Live subscription online or by purchasing a subscription card at your local geek shop. You may notice that the starter kit will be $20 bucks more than it is right now. The new pricing goes public this Fall so if you plan on going all the way Live you may want to do it now!


While the $5.99 / month subscription rate might be easier pills to swallow than $49 a year, my basic math skills total that to a little over $70 a year. And if that didn't put a dent in your wallet, they're raising the price on the Starter Kit twenty bucks to $69.99.

Whether or not they do, indeed, drop the price of the box $50 might be rendered moot if you decide to go the Xbox Live and monthly subscription route.

I think it's a good scheme. The monthly rate lets you pay smaller amounts without committing to a full year, while the $50 yearly rate is very fair (just the price of a game). Yeah the starter kit is going up in price, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got bundled with a "real" game when this comes out in the fall to make up for it. Maybe MechAssault for instance, since it'll be about a year old then.