The Hulk Demo Impressions


A demo should never take longer to download than it does to finish. After grabbing the 160 meg Hulk demo from Fileplanet (no line-up for me) in about 10 minutes I was pretty surprised to find I beat the actual game in about half the time it took to download it. Obviously itÂ's hard to tell you whether or not you should buy a game based on such a limited experience but I did come away with a few thoughts.


The graphics are nice in a cel-shaded kind of way. Nothing mind-bending but IÂ'll always take a consistent and slightly out of this world look over poorly made Â"realisticÂ" graphics any day. The Hulk himself is very green and his fists are the size of Christmas hams so IÂ'd say they nailed that aspect of it.

This is most definitely a console game in every sense of the word. No mouse support is included although I dare say the Sidewinder gamepad I own does the trick just fine. Since the game uses a fixed and dynamic camera you donÂ't need the dual analog setup of a console controller to play properly. The combat is satisfying and you do feel fairly powerful playing the hulk, not quite as strong as IÂ'd like but then hitting each soldier three times each instead of once is to be expected for the sake of combos. I like to give each army man a name before I deliver a firm green backhand to his face. In most cases Â"ElysiumÂ" and Â"ElysiumÂ's Ugly cloneÂ" are usually choice although sometimes IÂ'll toss in a Â"ReaperÂ" since he team killed me in Ravenshield last night.

Once the full game is released IÂ'd recommend renting it for your console of choice rather than rushing out and purchasing on day one. It looks like there are some movie-related features to unlock as you play and I do believe there will be some stealth/sneaky type gameplay when you control Bruce but I doubt any of it will be worth playing through more than once. ItÂ's a fun beat-em-up but I think that like most console action games (especially movie games) it will get old real quick.

- Certis