Games at Work: Bookworm


I'm always on the lookout for games people can play while they toil under the harsh fluorescents of reality. Popcap has a great web-based title called "Bookworm" and it's kind of like a one man scrabble. I gave the link to hoochie and lost her for at over an hour while she stared at the screen and mumbled to herself. Obviously I need to think these things through a bit more.


Bigger words score you bonus blocks while getting scrambling for new letters or linking small words will earn you burning blocks. If they reach the bottom you lose!


Popcap games are always fun and addicting. I gotta' admit I'm guilty of being one of those that has never paid for a Popcap game, though. The problem is that you think you're just trying it out to kill a few minutes. Next thing you know you've been playing for two hours and are burnt out on it. I never end up getting around to playing each one more than a couple times, so I never feel like it's "worth the investment". Although if time were money, I've made a lot poorer investments in games before.

I went crazy with Bookworm 6 months ago.  I like the fish game.