TRON 2.0 Preview


Check out this excellent and optimistic preview of this fall's Tron 2.0 PC game over at GameSpy. It seems Monolith has fully realized the world of the 1982 movie. In fact, they may have outdone the original because, let's face it, if you were zapped into a computer, you wouldn't be a fleshy Jeff Bridges in a unitard, you'd be a high-poly texture-mapped avatar. The screenies are slick beyond slick, but this isn't just going to be a pretty game. One of the all-time most addicting features of games shows up in this game as well: leveling.

One of TRON's most interesting nods to its computer setting is a mini-RPG system, built on the concept that Jet is now a program existing inside a computer. When Jet first appears, he starts with a basic build version of 0.0.0, which increases as the game goes along. As you reach certain milestones (say, going from v1.9.9 to v2.0.0) you'll accumulate a number of "build points," which you can then allocate to certain areas like health, accuracy, processing speed, etc.

I mean, really, not only will we be racing Light Cycles and multiplayer Disc Arena, but we can allocate stat points? Next you'll be telling me that there will be actual unlockable Light Cycle racetracks and not just an upgraded version of Intellivision's SNAFU. Oh, that's exactly what you're telling me? Oh frabjous day!


Light-cycle champ Mercury, voiced by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos


Not that I'm complaining, but what is with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and being naked & blue?