Indiana Jones on DVD


Finally, Indiana Jones is coming to DVD. November 4 will bring us a 4-disc boxed set of the three Indiana Jones movies and a bonus features disc. Unfortunately there will be no commentaries on any of the movies.

"We felt that because of bandwidth issues and, more importantly, the amount of information provided on the fourth disc, it would be redundant to include a director's commentary track on the title discs," Ward [VP of Lucasfilm marketing] said.

No price has been set, but the Hollywood Reporter article says it is expected to be available for around $49.95.


"in other words, Lucas` time is valued too much and he isnt able to comment."

I think I'd rather hear a John Rhys-Davies commentary.
"Asps. Very dangerous. You go first."

$49.95?  Nah, that can't be true.  It's a boxed set; they'd try to screw us over.

Look for commentary in the super deluxe gold edition 2006!

You guys ever listened to one of his commentaries from the Star Wars prequels?


No big loss. I honestly don't give a crap about the extras at this point, I just want the damn movies in my hands.

Personally I would rather have higher quality sound and or video than any of the normally lame extra features on DVD's. The best DVD I won is the DTS version of 12 Monkeys which got rid of all the extras for an extremely high bit rate DTS encoding.

Since George Lucas did not direct any of the Indiana Jones movies, I'm not sure why he'd be expected to do a director's commentary.

Yep I agree with that 100% bit rate is king, I can count the number of times I listened to commentary track (all under 5 minutes) on one hand.