DAoC Expansion Announced


HomeLan Fed has posted word that a new Dark Age of Camelot expansion is in the works. Trials of Atlantis will take players through nine trials over land and under the sea to discover the secrets of Atlantis. No word yet on the absence or existence of sea horses.

Trials of Atlantis is designed to further challenge high-level players by introducing a Master Level advancement system. As a player moves sequentially through each of the nine Trials, they will achieve a corresponding Master Level. Emphasizing group play, the Trials will have to be surmounted by groups of players journeying through the portal together. Players will be able to travel by boat, explore islands with ruins, swim to submerged dungeons and battle new creatures in underwater caves. Additionally, the expansion will add one new player race per Realm, dozens of new monsters to encounter, as well as new objects and treasures to uncover.

Nice to see DAoC is still alive and cranking out the expansion packs. Between this one and the previous Shrouded Isles release I would almost be half tempted to log back into the world. Then again, I also have urges to leap when I stand on tall buildings so what do I know?


Hmm... I dont see what sounds so interesting about it.  It is nice that Mythic is still supporting DAoC.  Its not very surprising though.

This just seems like they are going through the motions to maintain the user base.

They add new lands and a post level 50 leveling system.  New lands are always welcome but I wasnt really impressed with the ones implemented in Shrouded Isles.  Its like, "Yay!  More height mapped blurry textured rolling hills!"  Getting to level 50 is not easy at all so I wonder if this alternate leveling system will be allowed sooner.

A new race per realm but no new class.  Well, they really cant add anymore classes since they have a billion of them that range from moderately cool to bland to cookie cutter to underpowered.  Heaven forbid if you play the bland, cookie cutter, underpowered class.

I really need to look into why I can get a character to high levels in EQ but I cant get a character past level 18 in DAoC.  That fact bothers me.  The Theurgist is a really cool class.  The shaman was a fun class.  Both are much more fun solo or in a group than any class in EQ.  DAoC has dramatically less downtime than EQ. 

All signs points to DAoC being a much more enjoyable game.  For me its not and I dont know why.