New Screenshots of SW:KOTOR


LucasArts has updated the official Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic website (warning...the site played music for me) with some new screenshots. I'm starting to get a little more excited about this game now that we're within the same calendar year as its release. I wonder if gamers are excited about a Star Wars RPG or if they are enticed simply by the prospect of an engaging story set in the Star Wars universe. Hopefully all of the gameplay won't distract too much from the cutscenes. The screenshots really do look good. I think we've all seen Tatooine before, though.

I just watched the trailer on the site to try and get a feel for how badly I will need to buy this. I think I got a look at some of it in between the glowing quotes by other gaming sites and magazines. According to XBox Magazine, something related to this game will be "instant classic". The only other thing I could really glean from the video was that whatever video compression technique they were using caused the soundtrack to sound like it was being performed on a mandolin and being played back on an antique movie projector.

The BioWare pedigree is a double-edged sword for me. I know they have a huge following. Their games are undeniably well crafted. However, I have never been able to even scratch the surface on a BioWare game. Perhaps they are too epic for my tastes. While I like everything I see, I just feel overwhelmed. It's the same sort of agoraphobia I get when I play traditional console RPGs and see the "world map" for the first time. I thrill to the sight of distant and exotic islands way at the edge of the expansive map, but, at the same time, resign myself to never visiting them. This is not to say the games should be smaller. We all know the magnitude of the outcry when a game is too short.

I don't know why I'm already whining. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and be less cynical, especially about games that haven't even been released. Certis and I can leave that for Elysium's capable vocabulary. I would be but an epigone were I to try to wrest that trophy from his talons. Besides, how are we ever going to be featured in a trailer if we can't be more upbeat. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is destined to be an instant mega classic.


<I would be but an epigone were I to try to wrest that trophy from his talons.>

Pish posh, my efficacious neophyte!  None can expect an Epicurean taste for all things linguistic in such a scant time.  It is an acquired taste, not suited for didactic arts, and I've complete confidence in your burgeoning aptitude.

That said. KOTOR will R0X0r!!! lol!!1