Star Wars Galaxies, PC Only?


Several news sources, including Blues and Homelan, are noting an interesting change to LucasArts' product page for their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies.  While once listing the PS2 and the Xbox as platforms for the game, these two platforms have been quietly removed and only the stalwart PC remains.  There are a variety of conclusions to leap to, not the least of which is that development might very well have been haulted on the console versions, which will likely prove the favored assumption as it is the most dramatic and thus most interesting.  There are, however, other possibilities including that LucasArts will soon have separate product pages for the console versions, or, simply, the console versions of the game will have their own separate indentity and title.  LucasArts' has made no statement regarding the change. 

Still, for those of you looking forward to massively multiplayer Star Wars fun on your console, this might be disquieting news.  For those of us with a love for our dear PC, which hasn't crashed in almost six days now, after having watched project after project abandon its PC-centric focus, we're silently cheering for the most dramatic scenario.


I don't see how they could develop a MMORPG for consoles AND PC's at the same time. It took Everquest years to dumb down enough for the PS2 after all.